Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hank bars the door

Alan: Excuse me, Hank, but this is my barn, too.

Alan: Would you mind stepping aside so I could get through?

Alan: That's what I thought you'd say.

George: Come on, Hank. You're as wide as the door. Could you move over just a bit? 

Hank: Cracks about my size will get you nowhere.

Lucy: I'm not even going to try.

Lucy: I'll patiently wait here until Hank gets his wide self out of the way.

Lucy: If you people knew how rude and obstinate Hank can be,
you wouldn't be so quick to join his fan club. 
Those good looks of his are only skin deep.

Me: I'll bet if you put your heads together, you'll figure out a way to get past him.


  1. Ha. I guess thr bottom line is that Hank totally rules!

  2. I'm not too worried about them, but don't you know that's irritating. If I were them, I'd try the "walk away" approach!

  3. Lucy is the donkey Maxine!

  4. Move aside you wide load, Hank! Move aside.

  5. I admire Hank's tranquilty in his "just because I can" stance. I also am tickled by Lucy and George hanging out together....after all they are the only saddle sportin' duo on the spread.

  6. Hank, the bouncer. There must have been some tasty treats inside.

  7. It always strikes me as interesting that Lucy lays her ears out sideway when you are taking pictures.

  8. Very funny and I'm sure it just give Hank more power knowing that he was able to block all of them from entering. Betsy

  9. Poor Alan. He looks so sad and dejected, all alone facing the wall. I always feel bad for him. Could he have an extra hug tonight?

  10. You know, it's just like those lines at the bars in New York. Tough doorman.