Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday encore ~ Becoming one with the herd

One year ago this very day, our friend Danni was wrapping up her first visit to the 7MSN. 
I'll never forget taking the series of pictures below, nor the looks on Lucy's and George's faces in the fifth one down.


The past five days have been a whirlwind of activity around the 7MSN. We can't remember the last time we've had so much social interaction...or so much fun!

But all good things must come to an end, and Tuesday night the herd gathered in the pasture with their new friend Danni one last time before she returned home to Oregon.

I was trying to get them all together for a group picture but wasn't having much success...

because Alan started to roll, then Danni started to roll, and I started to laugh and haven't been able to stop.

See what happens when you spend too much time hanging out with this herd? 
You turn into one of them.


  1. Monkey see Monkey I am Donkey see Donkey do ;-)

  2. Dave Gibbons3/17/12, 7:03 AM

    In the second-to-last shot, it looks like Alan is laughing at Danni's rolling technique. Maybe she needs more practice. Alan: You think that's a roll?? Show her George.

  3. Such a good sport is Danni. I bet the gang would love to have her back and teach her a few more tricks. They all have lots up their (sleeves) or maybe hooves. Imagine the water trough?
    Poor Danni. How often can you say you had a roll with donkeys? Could be a book title. Ah imagination!
    Best always, Sandra

  4. Ah, ha, ha, ha!! That was SO much fun...
    From the herd's reaction, it's clear I wasn't doing it entirely correctly, but I think they kindly gave me bonus points for my enthusiasm (I may *still* be shaking New Mexico dust out of certain places...). :-)

    Was that really a year ago already?

  5. How fun! Donkey Dancing? Looks like you were all enjoying it!

  6. Were margaritas involved here?

  7. LOVE IT! specially love the 2nd last and last shots. cheers Wendy

  8. I love how Hank never bats an eye.