Friday, March 16, 2012

Alan, Lucy, and George share a bath

I will preface this post by reminding you that donkeys prefer to take their baths in dirt instead of water. 
I know, I know. To you and me, it seems ass-inine, but it's a donkey thing.

Dirt baths are a daily after-supper ritual at the 7MSN.
Last night, Alan jumped out of the tub as soon as Lucy jumped in.

Alan: This tub isn't big enough for all of us. I'm outta here.

George: Let me just soak here a minute.

George: Ahhh...nothing like warm dirt to soothe all that ails me.

George: Brrr...I hate getting out of the tub. Hand me my towel, please.

George: Blchh...I'm not going anywhere until I brush my teeth.

George: Alrighty then, I'm ready for the weekend. Where's the party?


  1. This post is just what I needed for a good laugh before my day begins!

  2. Oh they look so happy.

    I know from your posts they like finger scratches but do you ever groom them with brushes?

  3. I hope you are able to get out and enjoy a ride this weekend. Your friends just took a bath for the occasion. Do you still have that donkey cart for the parade. I bet Lucy would love to partake this year. It might be fun.
    Best always, Sandra

  4. I bet you end up with a huge "buffalo wallow" only made by donkeys. Thanks for great photos.

  5. My favorite part of watching a horse dust bath was the full-body shakeoff at the end.

  6. I love the expression on George's face in that fourth photo - it sure does fit the caption!

  7. I love this little peek into their bath time. Looks a lot like their play time.

  8. This was fun -- I love seeing the hooves flying in the air. Do they make sounds with the bath?

  9. LOL my mares have a wallow spot in the field, when its dry, LOL Right now it is just mud, mud, mud!! (could add the bubbles LOL)

  10. You guys done it again !! Made me can tell how much they love their "bath" :) thanks again Jeanne in SC

  11. I love how weird these four-legged critters (donkeys & horses) look when they're tipped on their sides. Sort of pushes the whole abdomen up like a mountain and makes em look especially cute!