Monday, March 12, 2012

Competing for crumbs

It was early Sunday morning, not sure of the exact time. I didn't change my clocks before I went to sleep Saturday night. I still haven't.
Call me a rebel.

Anyway, breakfast in the barn was almost over. The hay tubs were empty except for one, and Hank had claimed the crumbs.

George knew he didn't stand a chance of getting anything more to eat, so he stood in the sunshine and took a nap,
while Alan and Lucy made a few last-ditch attempts to snag what was left in the bottom of Hank's tub.

I'll shut up now so you can watch what happened.

Even with his head buried in a tub, Hank is in total command of his troops. 
The guy is a born leader. Hank for President!


Don't forget. You've got until 7 pm Mountain time tonight to enter the "All Eyes are On You" contest, if you haven't already ... 
give or take an hour depending on whether somebody decides to change her clocks.


  1. Hank come up for some air man eh!

  2. Did you get MORE snow? Gosh, girl! Our desert is blooming out for spring already!

  3. The master of his domain. Don't mess with Hank and his food!

  4. I'd vote for Hank for pres. He needs to get out on the campaign trail. He's good around bull too. Ha!

    Best always, Sandra

  5. I'm with you on the stupid time change....don't like that word , but it fits so well :) Takes me about a week or so to adjust every time....Jeanne in SC

  6. I love the body language when you watch a herd.

  7. Even Lucy can't manage a nibble from the tank. :) It's funny, Hanks ears say it all.

  8. Look at everyone's ears...they speak VOLUMES!!!

    Still want you to narrate, though, Linda :-)

    Yep, voting Hank for Prez. But only if he promises to remove the stupid time change...!

    Rebel Liz in Mississippi

  9. I'd vote for Hank anyday! You should move over here to AZ...rebels that we are...we don't change our clocks. :)

  10. Love the look in Hank's eye.
    I also hate daylight savings time. So some biologist got to look at insects after work. Like I really care.

  11. I love all your photos! I really hope I get to own donkeys when I leave uni!!

  12. [Yes, I like to go back and enjoy some encores on my own!]
    Just can't resist commenting what an exceptional illustration of body language and expressiveness this fantastic series of photos is. It just doesn't get any better.