Sunday, March 11, 2012

Color my world

It's a little too soon to do a statistical analysis of the "what made you happy this week" results 
since the contest doesn't close until Monday, but I'm guessing that at least 50% of you have commented
that you are bursting with happiness because spring has sprung in your neck of the woods,

unlike New Mexico, where it is snowing again.
Not a daffodil in sight, unless you count the four-legged one sleeping under the woodstove.

That's not to say snow doesn't make us happy. It's just that we want winter to be over. NOW. 
Lucy wants to graze on grass instead of cholla cactus.

Lucy: Mom, I got too close again. Help me, please.

Lucy is such a smart donkey. The instant she gets herself in a jam, she walks over to me for a little help.

Anyway, the morning light during a snowstorm is something I'm happy about today.

 The subtle colors make me want to repaint the inside of my house, which would be way too much work, which is another reason 
why I wish spring would hurry up and get here, so I can live outside and save myself the trouble.


  1. Oh yeah! Don't get yourself in the middle of painting your interiors! Just sit quietly, fold your hands and wait!

  2. Although we're not getting snow, and haven't gotten any significant accumulations this winter at all, winter and spring bounce around here from day to day. We can have days in the 60's, followed by days in the low 30's, with winds. .... always winds, which is unusual for us and makes life miserable.

    When I'm housebound I also think of painting, but like you Carson, on nicer days that is the least of my worries, and for that my husband is very thankful!

  3. Carol in Colorado3/11/12, 9:24 AM

    Back away from the paint. Slowly. Turn around and run now!!

    You need to spend sometime outdoors until you lose the feeling of needing to paint. LOL

    It's raining south and east of Denver today. We need the moisture. But we will be back into the 70's tomorrow. Yippee.

  4. What a beautiful color palette. It almost makes me want to paint something. ...with my painting skills that would be a closet which would be a total waste of those colors.

  5. Just strap a paint brush to all of those tails and you'll be done in no time. ;)

  6. Aww, love how she came to you...

    I wish I could of these days the house we live in will be our home, and I can paint some colors into my life!


  7. It must be in the air because I want to re-paint too. Lucky for my husband we are still in a rental... But I love your palate!

    Raymona P

  8. How on earth do they eat those?!?

  9. Love the paint palette. Rain - spring or not just seems to make it that much harder to get out of the house. I love the wide open vistas of your ranch, though I'm totally getting where Daffodil is coming from lurking under the stove. Still it is beautiful and your friends are so sweet.

  10. LOL I like how you think. I do that too... yeah it's summer I can go outside and play with the animals and not think about redoing things in the house.

  11. oh! those would be nice colors.... so peaceful!

    (PS: today in church the minister was talking on 10 commandments and he was on the "not coveting" one and he said, that times were different now so you may not be coveting your neighbors donkey.... and I laughed to myself and thought that he doesn't know the "group" I "hang out" with! haha!)

  12. I love the way Lucy's hair curls on her upper forehead. I had to laugh at your cactus "help me" donkey indeed. My standoffish mare happens to be fairly accident-prone, and she's become quite good at figuring out when she should solicit some assistance from the Amazing Opposable-Thumb Human.

  13. I really like those colors! I'm almost inspired to paint...almost. I'm glad Lucy has you to get her out of her jams.