Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What makes us happy?

To enter the "All Eyes are On You" contest, I asked you to tell us something that made you happy last week. When I summarized your comments and plugged them into one of those tag cloud things, here's what popped up:

Generally speaking, we're a bunch of really happy animal- and family-loving souls who are smiling because it's spring and the weather's been great in almost every place except New Mexico. I truly loved reading your responses. Seems like we all find happiness in the little things, which really are the most important in the big picture.

Anyway, I plugged the number of entries into the all-powerful random number generator and here is the result:

Congratulations, happy 28th commenter Anne Boleyn!

I'm so envious that you were on Antiques Roadshow. Send me an email and we'll work out the details of your prize.


  1. Dave Gibbons3/13/12, 6:09 AM

    That "What Makes You Happy" entry deserves a prize just for painting such neat visual pictures that they make ME happy.

  2. Anne Boleyn's note is very special indeed. Congratulations, Anne. I'm waiting for daffodils to appear in my garden too.
    Happy Summer you are well on your way.
    Best always, Sandra

  3. You cannot possibly imagine how HAPPY this makes me! I feel I must clarify that my Rookwood vase wasn't featured on The Antiques Roadshow; I recognized it's mark because of seeing them valued on the show. (I did go when they were in Richmond many years ago and it was really fun.)
    Oh, what fun it's going to be to select my picture!!!!!
    It is wonderful to be here on your blog with so many others who appreciate the HAPPINESS here.

  4. Congratulations Anne! Enjoy!

  5. Glad Anne B won. Her comment cheered me up!

  6. Oh, yay!!!! I'm so happy for Anne B.! She always leaves the *best* comments with such kind words - and I *loved* reading about what makes her happy! :-)
    Congrats. Anne!!

  7. Congrats to Anne and thanks to you for giving us all a "happy" talk place. I loved reading about others happiness moments.

  8. What a beautiful comment by Anne. It made me happy to read it! Congratulations on your prize. I hope we will be able to see your choice. hint, hint :)

  9. I will definitely share my choice once I've made it (SO difficult but FUN!).
    Now I have to share a thing that made me even happier today: I was working in my yard and looked up the street where I saw my ancient neighbor who was taken away in an ambulance just after new years and who hasn't been seen outside since then. He was toddling down his driveway at his former slow pace. He was wearing a white dress shirt and dark slacks as he always did, even when working in his yard. Hooray for you, dear Mr. Proffitt!!!!

  10. Terry from Arkansas3/13/12, 5:11 PM

    Congratulations to ANNE. Loved your post and it made me happy to read it. Also, loved the fact that the little things in life make so many people happy. I wish I had ALL of you happy people in my life!! At least our enjoyment of this blog brings happy souls together in cyberspace. Wishing spring to arrive in New Mexico!!!