Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday encore ~ Lucy's Hazing

I love looking back on the posts from this time last year, when Lucy was a new member of the herd 
and we were all getting to know each other. I hope you are, too. 

I am also loving reading about the things that made you happy this week. 
Wow.  The response to yesterday's contest announcement has been terrific. What a bunch of happy people we are! 
There's still time to enter, if you haven't already. Just go to this post and leave a comment about what made you happy this week. 


Lucy: I don't care if blue is my color, I'm feeling a little stupid here.

Me: But now your initiation to the herd is complete.

Lucy: Complete, my ass. I can take this thing off, you know.

Me: I know you know. And you've trained me so well to pick it up and put it right back on your head.

Lucy: Not one word or you'll be wearing it next, shortstuff.

George: Nice beanie. Where's the propeller?

George: When will I ever learn?


  1. Carol in Colorado3/10/12, 8:25 AM

    One of the things that has made me happy and gives me a good laugh is the antics of the 7MSN gang.

    My granddaughter sense of humor also makes me happy and being able to do school and 4 H projects with her.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

  2. Love the ending....:)