Monday, October 17, 2011

Ready for occupancy...and a coat or two of paint

The great divide is done. After way too much cursing, the gate is up and operable, and the chickens could move in tomorrow if I'd let them.

I had a pretty good idea of what the finished product should look like when I started this back in August...

...but I'm kind of amazed that it actually turned out the way it was supposed to.

The chickens have their own private entrance to the front yard now.

Their door won't win any architectural awards, but it's functional.

All that's left to do now is hire an electrician to run an outlet
so the girls can have heated water and a night light.
And then there's the whole decorating thing.

My original plan was to paint the trim t-post green
to match the overall color scheme of the house/barn/fence,

but that's terribly boring and might clash 
if I succumb to Wynonna's demands for a pink fence.

I could try the over-the-top Santa Fe color palette,
with the purple and turquoise doors and the earth-colored siding.

Or I could temporarily stick a skull on the corner 
while I agonize over this decision for the next several months. 


  1. Here's one vote for Santa Fe BRIGHT colors - *and* the skull!

  2. Georgia O'koop, aye?

    I like it.

  3. My most awe-filled congratulations to you. I would have hurt myself very badly the first day of preparation for construction, and would have hired somebody to do it. Or I would have left all arrangements as existing.
    Now, about the color...
    I'd paint it chicken poop color. What would that be, sort of a marbleized whitish gray?

  4. You are such a hoot! Good job on your palace project. The girls are going to love their new coop!

  5. It's wonderful!! Warm, toasty winter ahead for the girls.

  6. I go for the Santa Fe look! That way, the girls will appreciate all the beautiful colors!

  7. Paint it red and white and maybe throw a little blue in there also;-)
    very nice,,,toasting you with my morning coffee eh :D

  8. Whoop Whoop!!!!
    Way to go.....give your self a rest now and spend the next few months "deliberating", hee hee.
    Or hold another contest!!!! Even better :)

  9. I vote for the Santa Fe scheme as well! And the skull, too (although, I would hope the girls wouldn't be put out by that and stop laying).
    I can't imagine why you would need an electrician. Have you got an outlet box any where in the barn? Tapping into that would (should) be easy, then run conduit to a locale near the Palace and put another box. I did my whole barn with horse-proof conduit and waterproof boxes. YOU can do it, I'm sure!

  10. I read your posts the first thing every morning to get my attitude adjustment. I keep wondering why are we not all keeping burros. They are hysterical! Unfortunately, my suburb/village doesn't allow chickens yet so it would be a push to try to hide a donkey. They seem to be cheaper than psychiatry! I vote for bright decor for your excellent chicken coop!

  11. I like the idea of a Santa Fe color scheme as well.
    Just wondering since I'm not experienced in raising birds, but could they ever fly up as high as the top of the fence? Not that they should have any reason to to it because if I were a chicken I would stay in my heated condo all winter where it's warm and cozy. I just know they have wings and I'm not sure how high they can fly.
    Best always, Sandra

  12. I think you should paint a mural of summer on it, then the girlz will think they are on a summer vacation all winter. Might please Princess Wynonna too.

  13. Congrats - fence looks great, coop looks great, and baling wire hinges on the chicken door work great!
    I vote for either the Santa Fe colours (and a pink fence for Wynonna), or a spring motif of simple colourful flowers, maybe a chicken or two, etc. (with some matching flowers and a chick or a pig on the pink fence) to cheer everyone up on those cold winter days.

  14. You did a super job!! Congratulations!! The girls will be very pleased with their new digs. Isn't baling wire wonderful. Almost as handy as duct tape. :) Now how to decorate...that will be a tough decision.

  15. I like the rustic look. might be a little late to be asking this, but....why the new digs? Is it to keep them safer...warmer...? Just wondering.

  16. Since the hens are hens - how about hot pink and light or lime green outlines?? The Pink Palace!

  17. when i suggested a cow motif, that wasn't exactly what i had in mind...but come to think of it, throw on a little black and white paint and leave the skull! too cute =o)

  18. the skull looks as though it's thinking and will one day soon make the decision for you.

  19. Carol in Colorado10/17/11, 12:40 PM

    I like the rustic look with skull, of course. May need another one for the other corner. Painting the fence is just more upkeep later on, I think I would leave it natural. Maybe a clear coat just to protect it.

  20. Wow! Mission accomplished is right! What an amazing feat, what incredible skills, what a wonderful *completed* chicken coop!
    Tell me, did you do any improvisational dancing while using your improvisational carpentry?
    The wood fence is adorable! Has Wynonna truly convinced you to paint it pink? With her bristly, little back, she could probably help with the painting, you know.

  21. My vote is Santa Fe. I liked your chicken drawing too. You're very talented in may things. Here's a link to some pretty cool (and some not so cool) chicken palaces you might enjoy seeing, if you haven't already.

  22. Looks mighty fine!!! Good Job! Go with the Orange and green theme! LOL
    Love those colors!

  23. Congrats -- you've definitely earned your official tool belt! As for paint, if you go with the Santa Fe theme, you need to add vigas and that means more carpentry. I'd suggest painting the chicken palace to match your own "palace" -- the same tan color as your house with white trim, and then paint on some matching dark green "tiles." As for the fence, stain it to match your porch railing. Just a thought!

  24. The Chicks will love this scheme. Now they have their own private place for discussion.

  25. I hope you are having a lottery on how long it will take the girls to get up on (and over) that fence. I pick "less than 10 minutes"...hefty breed or no!

    Don't forget your vinyl flooring!

  26. Santa Fe colors and a skull! I love both... That is some chicken house and I am proud of you!

  27. I have questions about your metal building, did you have it put up? and if so did you use a local company?
    I am trying to put together of list of local resources for when I move to your area. I vote for the Santa Fe colors too.