Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The weatherman calls this "breezy"

Me: Hey, Lucy! The weatherman says it's breezy today. Does it feel breezy to you? 
Lucy: Breezy, my ass. This is windy. That weatherman is full of hot air.

George and Alan have carved out an overhang under the lone juniper tree in the corral for days like this. 
Far be it from them to seek shelter in the barn. That would be too easy.

Me: Hank, why aren't you standing with your brothers and Lucy?
Hank: Too tall.

Me: George, could you bury yourself any deeper in that tree?
George: No.

Lucy has to duck to fit under the overhang but she manages to squeeze herself in.

Me: Nice of you to pop out for a picture, hon'.
Lucy: Promise to hold me down if one of those updrafts catches my ears and takes me skyward.
Me: I promise.


  1. Yes, Lucy's ears are sitting there like helicopter blades just waiting to rev up and take off. Hold that girl down. :-)

  2. The picture of Hank is beautiful! Lucy makes me laugh every morning, and today is no exception!

  3. My horses are the same way. Whatever the weather they prefer to be outside instead of in their nice cozy shelter. There they stand butts to the wind/snow/rain. Even if I walk them into the shelter they leave and go back to the fields. I guess there is less chance of a horse eating monster getting them out in the open than in the run in. Sigh.....

  4. Estella from Co.10/18/11, 5:54 AM

    They sure are smart critters. I feel bad for Hank, but I'm sure if he wants to get in out of the wind he would head for the barn. Wind...YUCK Hugs to the kids :)

  5. Your weatherman and mine must be brothers. Mine calls 98*, "warm". I'd like to know what he considers "hot".

  6. Animals the love of my life!
    Best always, Sandra

  7. Your captions are perfect with these photos. Hank looks as handsome as ever! And Lucy? There are no words for that expression on her in that last photo! She cracks me up! :)

  8. Of all the weather patterns, I'd have to say Wind is my least favourite. Maybe because it always gave me earaches as a child. Now it messes my hair and that's just going too far!

  9. Oh myyyyy....windy with dust. I love the shot of Lucy fitting herself in the trees. :-)
    Your conversations with your equine residents made me laugh especially hard today. They are good with their short answers, aren't they? :-) :-)