Sunday, October 16, 2011

Waiting for Shorty

Lucy and the boys have a standing appointment with Shorty, our farrier, every eighth Saturday at 9 a.m.

So every eighth Saturday at 8 a.m., we go through the same drill.

George and Alan get closed in their pen and I put their halters on, since they've been known to play hard to get whenever they see Shorty's truck come down the road. It's not that they dislike Shorty or having their hooves trimmed, it's more the principle of the thing.

George: Has it been eight weeks already? 

All eyes and ears turn to the road to wait for the impending cloud of dust.

Alan: Maybe I don't want to have my hooves trimmed today.

Alan: Maybe I'll kick and paw and rear and give Shorty a hard time.

Alan: What do you think about that?

Me: I think your bray is worse than your bite.

When it comes right down to it, Alan stands like a little statue to have his hooves trimmed. It wasn't always that way –
Alan is a formerly wild burro afterall – but Shorty is patient and gentle, and Alan has grown to trust him.

Anyway, before Shorty arrives, I pick out everyone's hooves.
I think this might be the equivalent of brushing your teeth just before you go to the dentist.

When you're used to looking down at a horse's hooves, looking down at a burro's takes a little getting used to. They're so tiny!

Shorty always trims Hank first, then Lucy, then George, then Alan.
Hank's right knee bends a little less as every eight weeks go by, but Shorty is so very accommodating.
He kneels on the ground and puts Hank's hoof in his lap to trim it.
Seriously, when I count my blessings, Shorty is near the top of the list.
What's not to love about a reliable, competent, patient and understanding farrier?


  1. Maybe we need to make bumper stickers that say "I love my farrier". A good one is a girl's best friend. Once you've had a bad one, you really appreciate how good the good ones are.

  2. Estella from Co.10/16/11, 5:53 AM

    You're very blessed to have a good (really good) farrier, they are hard to come by. If he takes the time with Hank that's great. Hugs to kids

  3. I absolutely LOVE my farrier and his assistant! He just came this week and did the herd and Scout and Sunni actually stood still for him! He sings to them in Spanish! That calms them down. If I were to sing to them, they would head for the hills!

  4. Here comes the farrier! Legs in the air everyone!!

  5. Thankfully we human types donot need to see the dentist every 8 weeks eh!

  6. Carol in Colorado10/16/11, 8:29 AM

    Good, patient farriers are difficult to come by. When you have mini's most don't know how to work on them. My granddaughter is seriously considering becoming a farrier.

  7. Our farrier, Barb, is what we call stardust princess. She is kind, gentle, and probably too tolerant.

    Love that photo conversation with Alan.

  8. I love the hoof heart, says it all. Love that Shorty is good to all of you.

  9. We have a great farrier too. They are hard to come by and worth a million bucks!
    Tuffy hates having his hooves trimmed. We do the same with halters and closing the pen. Tuffy still pitches a fit though. And he wasn't even a wild burro. No excuse for his behavior!

  10. There was a time when I would have settled for reliable. The worst was a farrier who showed up a day late, his truck barely made it. The first thing he said was, "Do you have a spare radiator cap?" Before I was old, I just did my own trimming until I found Ron, Prince of Farriers. He's also a philosopher and an artiste.

  11. I already love him because I love his name.

  12. Oh Alan! That "What do you think about that" photo had me laughing out loud! What a little character he is.

  13. Shorty is the best! We're so thankful that you pointed us in his direction. Love the pics of Alan's face... too funny. :)

  14. "it's more the principle of the thing" I love that! The photo of them watching for the truck is priceless. It must be such a wonderful thing to have such an understanding farrier.

    The other funny thing, I had a denstis appointment today, and yes, I brushed...really really good! And I thought about flossing. Does that count?

  15. If I had four horses and or horse-equivalencies I would name them Paul, John, George and Ring.