Monday, September 12, 2011

For everything, there is a season

Late summer/early fall is such an interesting time of the year in New Mexico. 

The green grass is fading away, but the screaming fuscia Desert Four O'Clocks are in full bloom.

I never cease to be amazed by these plants – they boisterously appear out of nowhere and burst into bloom once a day, allegedly at 4:00. For the record, all of these pictures were taken between 7 and 8 a.m. last Thursday. It's a confusing time of the year.

Whenever I'm in town now, the intoxicating aroma of roasting green chiles is a constant reminder 
that summer is ending whether I'm ready or not.

The mornings are cold and dark when I'm doing chores at 6 a.m.
I have to turn on the porch light so that Wynonna can see her breakfast,
and Smooch is so busy howling back at the coyotes that she doesn't want to eat.

But by early afternoon, it's hot, the flies are sticky, we're all a little cranky,
and I'm tempted to turn on the air conditioner.

If Smooch and I don't leave for our evening walk by 7:00, 
we can barely see the road by the time we get home.

There are still a few more months (I hope) before I have to fire up the wood stove
and start going to bed earlier and earlier.

I'm just not ready for summer to end, or fall to start, or winter to begin.

Time, could you just stand still for awhile until I get my bearings 
and prepare myself for short days, long nights and Christmas shopping?


  1. Looks like the boys are having a difference of opinion over whose flowers those actually are. LOL

    I'm like you ... if this time of year could last just a little longer, life would be good. It's kind of a season between seasons, and we're enjoying it immensely AND getting a lot of outside work done that wasn't possible in our horribly hot/humid summer.

  2. Beautiful images; a perfect way to start my Monday morning. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A more beautiful photo shoot I can't imagine. Yes, I bet you would love to just freeze the hands of time a bit on this setting!

  4. Wow I hear you there! Winter and summer need to switch!! Beautiful pics once again-love those guys and gals of yours!!

  5. Clearly the kids are not into mom's musings...

  6. Estella from Co.9/12/11, 4:57 AM

    Oh! my goodness...did you say Christmas....oh well, I'll just skip over that and move on to the gorgeous flowers. Amazing isn't it that they just show today and gone tomorrow (as is everything, Spring, Summer and so on). It looks like it has been a good season and I'm sure Fall will be as well..I love the Fall (except for the hunting season), stops my riding on the Mesa. Do have to worry about hunters out your way? Well, stop and smell the flowers..and give hugs to the kids.

  7. Auuugghhh, you said the "C" word! We can't be friends anymore! Well, for a minute anyway.

    I'm up at 6:30 caring for my animals and the neighbor's animals. I won't let Hobbes out until it's light (coyotes), and he doesn't understand why he can't come out with me and the dogs.

  8. NNNOOOOOOO,,,,, it is to soon for summer to end eh! :-( pretty flowers.

  9. I could not agree with this sentiment more! Short days & layered clothing or being cooped inside are such a downer.

  10. The kids are thoroughly engrossed in the NOW! The colorful flowers look wonderful with your magnificent donkeys!

    Nancy in Iowa

  11. Oh no! I was just enjoying the slightly cooler temps of the last week or so and now you had to bring up the dreadded Christmas Shopping...


  12. These photos are so gorgeous with the purple flowers doing their thing.

  13. Your burro boyz are just like a couple of fractious kids who play around mom's skirt vying for her attention while she is trying to carry on an adult conversation.

  14. The change from summer to fall is always a sad time for me. Fortunately, we've been blessed with hot, skin burning weather the last couple of weeks - our final hurrah before the skies darken and drop wet stuff on us again. I have noticed that the sun is sleepier in the morning and rising a little later. The good news about that is the seagulls don't start their raucous behavour until a more respectable hour.

    Love the flowers! Your herd looks lovely amongst them.

  15. Oh those purple flowers and the colors of the sky and surroundings!!!! Beautiful!

  16. it happens just that quickly too.... summer ends and all of sudden...wham... Christmas! not right at all.............

    love the flowers ...with the guys all over them....

  17. They are just so beautiful. I love the desert when it blooms and to have those beauties pop up randomly is just special.

    p.s. billie put up a really cute donkey dressage video today, I'll bet you and Lucy could have fun with it.

  18. Oh, I am with you on wishing time could stand still. It makes me sad that the sun is coming up later and going to bed earlier. Even sadder to know it will get worse. Boo....
    I've never seen desert 4 o'clocks. They are beautiful!

  19. Same here. I want to hook my fingers into the last tendrils of summer, beg her not to go, to let us play in her lingering evening light for just a few more weeks.

    But she's determined to drift down to the southern hemisphere, leaving us to the chill, dimming the lights as she goes.