Thursday, July 30, 2009

How I spent my summer vacation...which I should have taken in winter

Every summer since I moved to New Mexico, my parents have come out to visit. This year, I turned the tables and went to visit them, as well as my sister and brother-in-law. Here is sister, picking me up at the airport in her snazzy red ragtop, on a day the weatherman was calling "extra steamy." The lens fogged up the instant I pulled out my camera.

Once the lens defogged, I busied myself with taking pictures so I wouldn't notice the traffic, and how fast we were going, and how people back east drive assertively like maniacs.

Early the next morning, we headed up the coast in clean, shiny red cars to go to my parents' friends' beach house.

I couldn't help but have a New Mexico flashback.

Beach time was followed by a most hospitable happy hour (think margaritas, followed by key lime martinis) and dinner...

which was followed by a beach walk.

The roar of the ocean drowned out the noise the 80 bazillion no-see-ums must have been making as they buzzed around, chewing on us. Had I known, I could have smuggled a few swallows in my suitcase.

I rolled out of bed the next day in time to hit the beach before the sun came up.

These little guys kept me company.

Sea turtles had come ashore overnight, making their tracks up the sand to their nests.

Watching the pelicans fish for their breakfast was worth the pre-dawn wakeup call.

I left my camera in the bag during all the beach time that involved bathing suits over the next few days. 

Despite oppressively humid weather, a good time was had by all, and these little guys were substitutes for and reminders of everybody waiting for me back home.

Palm trees, shiny cars and waves just don't look right on this blog, so thus ends the show and tell from this year's beach vacation. We'll be back to burros and brown dirt tomorrow.


  1. It seems like despite the humid conditions, you had a nice time. Thanks for taking us along.
    Great pics.

  2. You must visit the have-nots in their own environment once in a while to remember why you live in the Land of Enchantment!

    Lovely ocean sunrise shots -- welcome home.

  3. Traffic! Excessive water! Clean cars!

    So different from New Mexico. Glad you're back, just in case I haven't said it too many times.

  4. Fast cars, bright lights, big city .. what a change for rancher woman!

    Your parents look tanned, healthy and happy, and bet your sister enjoys her snazzy red ragtop.

    The beach pictures are awesome and the sea turtles tracks are a sight to behold ... I've never seen anything like that before! When we go to the coast of SC I always get a kick out of the pelicans.

    I'm with everyone else though ... good having you back!

  5. Nice trip, but isn't it nice to be home?

  6. Thanks for the travelblog!

  7. Its fun to go home to visit. And, I love your photos! Looks exactly like my home in Florida! But, I'm totally with you about visiting in the winter being way more palatable.

  8. I thought on the east coast they called it "the shore" (not the beach)--sounds like you're firmly transplanted to the west! Looks like it was a good visit, but I'm sure the critters are glad to have you home. Has Smooch forgiven you yet?

  9. Please stay home for awhile, okay?

    The beach photos were glorious..........all of them

  10. What a nice trip you had! I can see that you have a beautiful family!

    The beach pictures are amazing and I've never seen the turtles tracks in the sand before...just awesome!
    I loved all pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love the car contrast, lol. Glad you had a good time, boy it looks beautiful at the beach. Could do w/o the noseeums

  12. Wonderful photos! Such an interesting change from what is normally found on your blog. You must've felt like I did when I started posting city pictures from Germany...they. just. didn't. fit! :-)
    Sounds like you had a nice time, but were very glad to go back home. We're glad to have ya!

  13. Nothing like a trip East to remind you that The West is BEST. Exhibit A: no-see-ums. Sure we have scorpions and other nasty biting things out here, but at least you can see them coming and they don't come in herds of millions.

  14. Hi Carson: Welcome back! Great pictures as always. Now a winter vacation would never have given you these shots. Amazing photography. I love summer.
    Best always, Sandra

  15. I too loved the pics of the sea turtle tracks. Amazing!! I've read about them, but have never seen anything like that. Thanks for posting that picture--way cool!
    Vacations are always nice, but the old saying rings true...there's no place like home...

    Glad you had a nice time.

  16. Just look at those red vehicles!!! I don't know...that shiny, red, BMW might give your Siverado a run for its!!!

    Glad to see that you had a good time, but I bet it is nice to be home too. :)

  17. I'm in Indiana now and used to live in Virginia Beach. I could smell the sea breeze and felt homesick for the ocean when I saw your pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful time.

    My cousin is visiting from Montana this week and I showed her your blog. She loved them all, but especially George and Alan.

    Welcome back! I'm one of the critters that's glad you're home, too.

  18. Very cool diving pelican shot, and oh, how I love sea turtles! :-)

  19. Beautiful photos! Has your family suggested you paint your truck red? Those are pretty, shiny cars they have.

  20. Looks like a good time was had by all! I'll bet your folks were really glad to show you off and have some time with you. You know, when I'm in New Mexico, I always am reminded that the desert is like the ocean floor- the colors of the sand and rocks in the East in the Atlantic Ocean have the same shades of purples and browns and reds and greys as the ones in NM. No wonder I like both places so much.

  21. I am thinking you had a great time! Love all the pictures! especially the turtle tracks!
    Hope the crue at home did not miss you too much!

  22. I don't know how I missed this!! Lord....I am really off-in-the-other-woeld...!(lol)
    GREAT pictures of so many things I never see anymore, myself.
    LOVE those birds, espececially The Pelicans---GREAT Series of fishing shots with these wonderful birds....
    So happy you had a wonderful time with your family!

  23. Pelicans are my favorite birds so your beautiful photos made my day - thanks :)

  24. Beautiful photos and all in all it looks like you had a very nice vacation...but if you're like me, you're oh so glad to be home again!