Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Smooch is very glad I'm home

Smooch was a tad traumatized by my recent absence. Apparently she tried to dig out under the fence a few times to go find me. Make me feel guilty, why don't you?
Everyone else seemed to fare just fine, though we all seem a little tired and out of sorts today.
When I arrived home last night, I found this list of observations from Ranchsitter Kim:
~ Just because the wind kicks up to 40 miles an hour and the sky is black and it thunders, it does not mean it will rain.
~ If you water the plants, it will rain.
~ The barn cat wants more attention than two horses and two burros.
~ If you give the pig her cookies before she leaves the porch, she still thinks that she should get three more when she is off the porch.
~ I have more kinds of fur stuck to me than I thought possible.
~ I saw a tumbleweed blow across the dining room floor – oops, no, it was Snapper fur!
~ Tried to make homemade lollipops with the girls, so when you go out your garage, on the left side the stuff that looks like shiny lava is the result. At least the house is still standing.
~ I put the red blanket on the floor so
Ruby could play with her Barbies. Smooch brought over her toy and traded for a Barbie to chew. Ruby kept giving Smooch her toy to get her Barbie back. I think Ruby and Smooch get along so well because they do not ask anything of each other. No one is in charge, no one gives orders, they both just sit on the floor and lean against each other and play Barbie.

Smooch is worn out from playing with Ruby and all the digging and anxiety, but she'll get over it. I've promised to take her with me next time I go away, or at least get her a Barbie doll of her own to keep her company.


  1. Glad you got a break, glad you're back home, glad Smooch is okay now!

    I worry so much about what it might be like for the horses for me to be gone I purposely have one day a week where I don't feed or do my usual routine at the barn, and my husband almost always does the night-time feed so he stays in the loop. (but of course I have 3 family members to fill in for me!)

    Even so, with my recent back issue and missing a few days, Keil Bay is angry and ignoring me, although he was willing to accept carrots and did allow me to hose his hind end (as opposed to his chest which he normally wants hosed) yesterday.


    Trying to imagine the Rancher Barbie that you might get for Smooch. :)

  2. Linda,
    I'm so glad you're back! I didn't realize how much I look forward to your daily posts.....

    Nancy in NC

  3. Glad you're back and all is well again with Smooch. Maybe now she can take a well deserved rest.

  4. Glad to have you back! I had to laugh to myself over the list of observations waiting on you .. I guess Ranchsitter Kim isn't used to animals, fur, rain/no rain, and Smooch's bartering. Poor Smooch ... she looks shot.

  5. That made me lol!! If you water the plants, it will rain, lol. True true!!
    Glad the house is still standing. I think I really need a pig on the porch instead of a horse. Trade ya??

  6. Glad you had a nice trip and came home to find that all was well in your absence.
    Was Smooch mad at you? My dogs are thrilled to see us when we've been gone for about 2 hours and then they remember that we abandoned them and shun us for a couple days.

  7. I can read Smooch's mind in the first photo :

    "She's going to leave me again at any moment, I just know it"

    A Big WELCOME BACK !!!!!!!!

  8. SO glad you're back - your blog is my first check-in of every morning, and I've missed your posts more than I thought I would.

    I heaved a sigh of relief for Smooch - all that digging and worrying, it's exhausting. And I'm sure Deets is glad you're home, too. If he's anything like my DaisyCat, he's a full-time job all in himself.

    Welcome home!


  9. Welcome HOME!
    So glad you are back! I was worried about the animals!
    Hope you had a great time!


  10. Hope the beach sand was a good trade for the desert sand. Missed your updates and photos and looking forward to a photo expose of your beach adventures. Bet there were different critters to commune with on the beach.

  11. How could anyone resist that sweet face? (Or leave the poor thing at home?)The eyes speak volumnes don't they? She promises to behave if she can go along next time. And pick out her own new toy.

  12. Welcome back, we missed you. And so did Smooch, from the looks of it!

  13. Welcome home.....hope all get's back to normal oh hang on, that probably is normal ;-)

  14. awww smooch- sounds like you had a nice time with Ruby even with your mommie gone. it wasn't too bad??! but i do like the idea of cookies for leaving the porch.. mmmm cookies.

    toodles, tula

  15. Welcome back! I missed you too.

    My cat doesn't eat very well when I go away...wait a second, he doesn't eat very well when I'm here either...hmmmm....

    Our little critters get so attached to us. I mean, let's face it, we're kind of "it" for them, you know?

    I love the list your sitter left. Excellent observations. Like her sense of humour. Oh? She wasn't trying to be funny...?

    Give your guys an extra squeeze for me, or in the case of Wynonna, an extra cookie. ;o)

    I'm looking forward to a few beach photos.

  16. Although the rest of us weren't exactly digging under the fence, we sure were looking around for our morning 7MSN posts!

  17. Seems like RanchsitterKim is special to have you trust her with your fur kids. Love her comments and yours!
    Welcome home! How was the beach?

  18. Poor smooch...I am sure she is happy you are home. I can hardly leave my two..they don't do so well when I am gone.

  19. So, how was your trip? Of course, they all missed you. But weren't you happy to be home again? Poor Smooch! Or is it that dogs have perfected that inconsolable guilt-tripping look better than any other animal?

  20. I got that same sad, accusing little doggie face -- times two -- when I got back in from a weekend in Chicago. The terriers let me know they were NOT pleased I'd left.

  21. They do have a way of pulling the guilt card, don't they?

  22. Welcome back! I missed you too.
    I guess that in your next trip Smooch would love to go with you too! Lol!

  23. aww they are so cute together! I do think maybe Smooch should have a barbie too just so Ruby is not truamatised! Glad you had such a great trip! I love the list!