Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dancing cheek to cheek

Dancing cheek to cheek is another one of those “things that burros do” that, quite frankly, has me a little puzzled. It’s right up there with the “pulling my leg” game they play. George and Alan grab each other on the cheek with their teeth, using a hang-on-for-dear-life, rip-the-hair-out, draw-a-little-blood kind of grip. And they don’t let go for a really long time. When one does let go, then the other one grabs on. And this goes on for another really long time. Quite entertaining, really, but I still scratch my head and wonder how this could possibly be fun.


  1. Wow, that's really weird .... Pretty funny, though.

  2. How often do they do this? I wonder if anyone else out there has seen similar behavior in their burros? Or maybe it is just something special your boys do?

  3. I'd just be glad that they don't include humans in their odd little game! haha

    ps, I think you oughta consider creating a calender with your critters, especially of the burros.
    Maybe you could even donate a portion of your sales to the burro program of a donkey rescue.

    You have such talent in capturing those special animal moments on your ranch. I just know other folks would love to have your terrific photos to smile at each day......

  4. Great picture. These two guys are really characters and I'm sure very entertaining to watch. I've seen halter tag go on for a long time but never cheek tag. I'm sure only they know the rules and reasons for this game.

  5. Pony Girl - I catch the burros playing "cheek tag" (thanks, Arlene - that's the perfect name for it) at least a couple of times a day. It's usually followed by rear up and see who can be the tallest, grab my neck, pull my leg, and chase each other around the trees. The finale is usually let's roll around in the powder pit. I don't think these guys are unique - just happy. They don't have to think much about surviving anymore, so they have lots of time to play.

  6. Linda, I'm not sure if miniature donkeys do this with each other, but I have noticed that Rafer Johnson will do it to Salina's shoulder (about where he can reach when they're each standing normally.

    He seems to mean it as play, and she doesn't get annoyed with him when he does it, but doesn't do it back.

    It will be interesting to see what he and Redford do come August!

  7. Oh dear, George and Alan are planting the seed in my mind that Shiloh might find a burro brother fun and stimulating....

  8. Sometimes my dogs do just that same thing AND they pull their legs too....maybe it's an animal kingdom kind of play. Can't quite remember how I discovered your blog, but I like it......Maura

  9. It makes a cute picture but I know it must hurt.
    Jack the donkey don't have that tendency, maybe because he is the only donkey on the farm. Plus he thinks he is a cow, I believe.
    Have a good day.

  10. Thinks he's a cow...ha! I often wonder how animals obviously recognize others of their kind.

    I mean, it's obvious dogs recognize other dogs and know they are supposed to chase cats. How do they know this??

  11. I stumbled onto your blog this morning, this post cracked me up! They kind of remind me of my sisters when they punch each other and then insist, "I was kidding!"