Monday, June 9, 2008

How to tie a quick-release knot

Having horses means expanding your knot repertoire beyond the one you put in your shoes. You may want to tie your horse to groom him or to saddle him; if you travel with your horse, you may need to tie him to the trailer; at some point on a long trail ride, you may need to tie him to a tree so you can ... well, you know.

Knowing how to tie a quick-release knot will keep you and your horse out of all kinds of trouble. Like the kind of trouble you might get into when you rob a bank. You want to use a secure knot, so that when you come a-runnin’ out of the bank your horse is still there, yet you want to be able to untie it really fast so the sheriff won’t catch you. So come with me as I demonstrate how to tie my all-time favorite quick-release knot, “The Bank Robber Knot.”

Now go grab a lead rope and the back of a chair so you can watch this video and practice with me. The secret to knot-tying success is to practice it, over and over and over again.

(In case the FBI is monitoring this blog, no banks were robbed in the making of this video.)


  1. Well ... the FBI is kind of monitoring this blog. (Even though I'm retired.) But that's a good thing. Gotta tell you, though. Even re-watching this video, I still don't have a clue on how to tie a Bank Robber Knot; but I was certainly entertained!

    (And I promise not to turn you in to my still-active buddies!)

  2. I love your blog and I LOVE this video. Great music, great knot, great editing. I'm off to find my dog's leash to practice on til I get to the barn tomorrow.


  3. Kathleen, if you dare to turn me in, no more 7MSN margaritas for you.

    Coymackerel, welcome to the ranch. Let me know if my demonstration translates in the real world. It's really a pretty simple knot, but I still had to tie it a bazillion times to remember it without having to think about it. But once you've mastered it, you'll never use anything different.

  4. I haven't got it figured out yet either and I do have some horse houdinis.

  5. My eight year old FINALLY figures out how to tie a quick release knot, and then you have to go and post this:) LOL! He wants to watch the video until he figures it out. I told him that we will have to have dad figure it out for us.
    Great instructional video!

  6. It looks simple enough, but I know when I go to try it out I won't get it, unless I can have the computer right next to me to watch. How about a video in extreme slo-mo for the slower learners like me.

  7. Arlene, if I could figure out how to do a slo-mo version I would. For now, maybe your horse can come to your computer...or better yet, just his lead rope :-)

  8. Ok, now how'd you manage the editing to get the rope to release at the exact moment of the song's lyrics, "Now you yank it back!" What the heck! hahah Now THAT was cool!

    Ok, so I admit I am easily entertained. :)

    Love that video tutorial! I'm gonna get some lead rope tomorrow and sit here at the computer with a kitchen chair to tie the rope onto and practice like the dickens!

    I'll have to tie it about a gazillion times until it sticks in my brain, but I can't wait!


  9. Twinville, I'd like to say that the syncing of the song lyrics to the untying was the result of my superb editing skills, but in truth, it was just dumbass luck. I was just as surprised as you were when that happened.

    Let me know how your practice session goes.

  10. Whaa? This vid has been around for more than 6 months and I hadn't seen it yet?! Great tute and the music was perfect :)

  11. I love knots! Usually, it's sea-faring knots I'm looking at, but this is a great one to add to my "collection". (I don't know how to tie them, I just like looking at them!). Thanks!

  12. Ha! I got it! Love it! Wish you could see Wade and I out on the back porch trying to tie this, lol. See what you started??
    Thanks, we like it!