Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hay Feng Shui

My equines are quite particular about their eating arrangements. Hank prefers to face east while dining; Lyle likes the southeast view; and George and Alan always face west, looking out the back door of their stall - better to spot any hungry predator who might be coming to eat them.


  1. I love when animals exhibit OCD characteristics - ha ha!

  2. You really do have particular critters.
    My Baby Doll doesn't care where she is facing as long as she has food.
    Did I mention that she loves to eat?

  3. I have to agree with the poster in another post, who encouraged you to produce a calander of your critters there. The donks are just wonderful, and I am sure that they would be WELL received by the long ear loving public! (Read: I would buy one in a heart

    Love the pics here. Thank you so much for sharing them!

  4. So, is it a calendar or a coffee table book? I'll buy one. My horses are not particular about where they eat, but they sure are fussy about what they eat.

  5. A book or a calender would be great! George and Allen are just precious. Smart little guys too...being ever watchful of their backs as they are dining.

  6. I love your pictures of the burros, and agree with everyone else. Do a calendar or book I'm sure it would sell. I'd buy one.
    Everybody has their own peccadillo's about eating I guess. Mine just want the food as soon as possible, Blue is the only one that has to arrange his bucket just so before eating.

  7. Hey that was me suggesting the calender! hehe
    Sometimes I do come up with a few good ideas.

    Linda is such an awesome photographer and her subjects are I agree that she wouldn't have any trouble selling her critter calenders at all. :)