Monday, April 29, 2019

It's been so long I may have forgotten how to do this

I never intended to stop blogging. It just happened –
no particular reason other than I haven't felt like talking.
This malaise began in early November 2016 and I don't expect
it will end before November 2020. You can figure it out.

 When last we gathered here, the door installation was mostly done,
 but it pointed to a plethora of projects that would have to be accomplished
before I could call the room complete.

I wanted to simplify the color palette, so covering up the green walls
with an off-white seemed like a good place to start.

Besides, I had to get the painting out of the way before I could hang
the crown jewel of the door project:

 I found a glass artist on Etsy to create a transom window 
for the empty space above the door.

 It makes the room seem taller and I am thrilled with it.
And how about the lovely chewed edge of the quilt?
Nicely done, Alex. 

Can you believe how long her tail is?

Me neither.

These two. It may look like they were posing for a yearbook photo
but they were actually watching bugs smash into the window.
Entertainment is cheap in the middle of nowhere.

 The new paint color helped me realize that the focal point of the room
should be the views out the windows, so I did not rehang most of the art
that had been on the walls. Not in the bedroom, anyway. 

 The outside of the house may be in danger of turning into a gallery of sorts
and I'm okay with that, except for the part where I realize
how badly this table needs to be sanded and repainted 
and my project list grows ever longer.

This is the part where Alex realizes she can break her pose and go play.

Anyway, back to the original bedroom project, which was crying out
for some softness to balance the other textures going on in there, so I ripped out
the barnwood that cased the picture window and replaced it with 11 yards of cotton gauze.

One more room picture, then I'll shut up about this project...for now.
I took this one while sitting on the window seat, using the phone's panorama option:

In the midst of all the d-i-y frivolity, the hockey playoffs began.
Perhaps if I had not put Alex's bowtie on upside down, the first round
would have had a better outcome.

It was not a happy ending for our team...

 ...but we're already looking forward to next season.
With any luck, I'll feel like talking/blogging again before then.


  1. So glad to hear your voice! I understand malaise completely. Soon the nightmare will be over. I have faith.

  2. I don't know what it is but everybody's blogging seems to be slowing down. I posted once a day for years. Now it is only once a week. I post twice a day on Instagram and that sucks up a lot of my photographic posting energy. I refuse to get into an argument about it but I know several people who just went dark online completely after our present President was elected.

  3. Yay!!! Loved the update...and you did the stained glass I mentioned!!It looks awesome, love the design you selected.
    We are lucky people who can live without window coverings and the view is the art in our homes. We live in the rolling hills of Tennessee and I never tire of the view.
    Looks like the puppy stage still has a year to go....probably can't replace that quilt just yet.😀
    Your post was the bright spot in my day! Pray the gray clouds in your life pass quickly. Lisa G in TN

  4. Good to see the progress on the bedroom, and see how big Alex is getting! Our pup chose not to limit her quilt-chewing to the edges...we have two dinner plate sized holes in the center! So consider yourself lucky.
    Totally understand your malaise...but great to hear from you now and then.

  5. SO glad you’re back! I was beginning to wonder if we’d lost you, but see you’ve been really busy. Hope to see an occasional post, just a little update from time to time. Pat in east TN

  6. with all the work you have been doing, I don't know where you would find time to blog. glad to see you pop up. love that glass transom and curtains. your bedroom is awesome as are the two pups on the bed.

  7. So glad you're back - we've missed you! I've been in a funk for the same period as you...hope 2020 brings relief. I love the glass transom - great design. And wow, Alex's tail is quite long. And I think she is telling you you need a new bedspread...glad she only ate the "crust". On second thought, you may want to wait until she is finished with her puppy chewing.

  8. Great photos, love the “bug smashing” one...those faces <3 Your room looks like a totally dif room
    So calming and airy.

  9. (I tried commenting, but it disappeared. Blogger is not quite as friendly as it once had been.). I too was struck by the same malady at the same time. It has to pass. It must! The (only) upshot is great late night comedy. I do enjoy following your IG pics... especially Smooch and Alex. Keep smiling.... the sun will come out again. The home improvements are perfect.... as usual!!

  10. No wonder JCC won't come around Alex. Tail dominance must be a thing. Love the transom. All the changes. Figured you would get around to a post eventually.Thanks.

  11. So happy for the update! Love the room and especially the transom window. I have two pieces of stained glass that I treasure. Also, so glad to see you and the pups are doing well! Please try not to wait so long for updates.

    NE Oklahoma

  12. So glad to see you reappear … I check most mornings to see if you are there or not!
    The bedroom has ended up being quite beautiful … you have done a fantastic job with it!
    We can only hope that the bringer of the malaise to so many will be gone sooner then later! Your faithful readers continue to check for anything new from N.M. I certainly have been!
    Here's hoping Smooch has regained her balance! Alex needs a few lessons in "no chewing!" LOL
    Looking forward to more notes from the 7MSN Ranch … be well, be happy 'cause you are not alone!
    Hugs from Colorado … Marcia

  13. It was great to hear from you again. I love what you have done to the bedroom and the stained glass piece is gorgeous. I checked your blog every day looking for an update, thanks for this one. The blahs have hit everywhere; it's hard to remain upbeat and optimistic given the current 'leadership'. I go from rage to disbelief to rage again and have discovered that my dad's prolific use of profanity has been passed down to me!I hope to see you here now and then. Remember, nothing lasts forever.

  14. So happy to see a post from you!! The room looks fabulous, love the transom, really appreciated the panoramic shot to see the full effect. Plenty of malaise to go around but hopefully it ends in 2020. In the meantime I try to focus on what bright spots there are, including this blog and its followers. Reading this post definitely improved my day. /Gretchen

  15. Love your blogs...Sorry about your not liking the years from Nov 2016 to Nov 2020....I felt that way for 8 years of that other president...So glad to have this one as my business is doing way better now than for those other years...Looking forward for him to be my president for another 4 years...
    Have a wonderful day.
    Love from NC

  16. I check your blog every day. And today I was rewarded! I miss you. I have the same malady. I hate to think we have to wait until 2020 for the gray cloud to lift. Post pictures when you can. The words can wait.
    Marty from NC

  17. I started up my blogging again after a name change and random ideas. I absolutely love writing so much, that a dear friend whose dad passed away asked me if I'd be willing to write his obituary? I jumped at the I guess I can add that to my list of things I do? Besides cleaning saddles, tack, writing obits and now back to blogging. Since I can't embed Facebook anymore to the blog...I make sure I go to the bottom and share it on my FB page. I may get criticized for what I write by my folks....but I'm the one in menopause not them and I need an outlet to vent. I'm so happy to see you writing again!!

  18. I'm so happy to hear from you! I do feel your pain. I started drinking the day after the election and I haven't stopped. In fact, it is WORSE...but I digress...
    I don't blog much anymore. It's just easier to post on Facebook or Instagram, but I'm still around.

  19. Malaise is strong here, too. Your posts brighten me up and so this was a very welcome surprise! Love the big smashing photo. And love love your room! Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  20. That will teach me not to check every day. I missed your post. Smooch looks great.

  21. Hi, Linda. It is always a joy to have news from 7MSN. Thanks so much for the update. Your bedroom looks beautiful, and the transom is a lovely touch. To me, the chewed edge of the coverlet is charming, and that photo of your fur babies looking with unbelief at the attacking bugs is priceless! As for Alex's's magnificent! It makes me happy that Smooch has a pal. Great to hear from you this morn...

  22. So good to hear from you. You and all your critters have been missed. If you do decide to no longer keep up your blog, please let us readers know. Maybe you can post a Remembering the 7MSN Ranch. ;)
    Much love,
    Linda D.
    Tucson, AZ

  23. I did miss your light and fun posts. Sorry you are going through a dry time for posting right now. I check most days to see if you have something new, thanks for a great posts today.

  24. nice to check your blog and find you writing again. You have been sorely missed. The renovations look great. Love the dogs' bowties......Hang in there.....I too am in a constant state of disbelief and unease ....... but hope and pray that change is around the corner.

  25. Thank you for checking in with us. I was so pleased to see your pics and 'hear' your voice. Lovely room redo and great idea with the stained glass transom.

    Laurie in NB Canada

  26. So nice to hear from you again, and know all is well.

  27. I missed popping in every morning while drinking my coffee here in Canada eh! Could you go into a little more detail of that lovely picture above the table that you said needs painting. It looks like tile? LUV your reno's.

    1. I found the set of tiles in ?2004 in a catalog called "Back in the Saddle." I mounted them to a board and framed it in old barnwood. It will likely fade some now that it's outside in the bright light, but I still love it. Thanks for asking about it.

  28. I’m so glad to hear from you! Your home is lovely! Smooch is her same wonderful self, Alex has a championship tail and “no news is good news” with respect to your other family members. I also completely understand your malaise and am fighting the same. Last week I spent some time in the stunning red rocks areas of northeastern Arizona and southeastern Utah. It reminded me what a blip we humans are in Earth’s history. While we may cause untold harm to other people, animal beings and the biosphere in the short term, those rocks, water, sky and the basic fabric of life will survive us. I’m taking a long view now and find that a comfort. I also sporadically get involved, but then withdraw so it doesn’t take over my life. And find pleasure in everyday things, friends, beauty. My goal is to follow Ed Abbey’s advice to immerse myself in the good so that I can outlive the bastards.

  29. By the way, your quilt can be easily saved by sewing a larger border around it, with an extra large ribbon for example, in contrasting or matching colour.