Monday, March 18, 2019

All's well at the 7MSN

 Except for the occasional morning rainbow, not too much is happening at the ranch,
which is just fine by me.

 Smooch is almost back to normal after her bout of old dog vestibular disease.
She's eating well and going for at least one long walk a day.
She's still a little unsteady but is once again able to jump up on her favorite chair to sleep,
which means I can sleep, which means I have no excuse whatsoever for not blogging
for almost a month, except that it's the homestretch of the regular hockey season
and you may not hear from me again until after the playoffs in June if my team keeps winning.
Misplaced priorities, I know.

 Alex many things. 
Despite her focus and intensity, she is not a good watchdog,
barking at all the wrong times and mostly never.
Her favorite foods are cow poop and the edges of comforters and pillows.
 She has yet to shed since coming to live here.
Not sure what's up with that, but I hope it never changes.
Her exuberance for life in general does not waver...

 ...nor does her total devotion to me.
I can see this becoming a big problem down the road but so be it.

Riding in the cart at the home improvement store remains one of Alex's favorite things,
which is very good because the sliding door I installed in my bedroom 
has inadvertently become the catalyst for a host of other projects.

The old ceiling fan, installed when the house was built 14 years ago, had to go.
I forgot to take a before picture, but it looked just like this one in my office:

Too big, too brassy and too blchh. What was I thinking?

So now I have a ceiling-hugging version, which turned out to be
very easy to install once I got past the head-scratching wiring part (thanks, Tall Paul!)
But then the light fixture in the dressing area didn't look right,
and I might be tired of the green walls, and the comforter with the chewed edge
doesn't look great with the new rugs so thing leads to a hundred others.

All of which is to say there might be some interesting "after" pictures
if I ever get to the point of calling this room done.

Meanwhile, know that we're still here and all's well.


  1. Thanks so much for the update, Linda. The thing about the 'nowhere' part of where you are, does tend to make us all become a bit concerned during the occasional hiatus periods. Add that to the ladders, saws, drills, etc. that we have become accustomed to seeing as you conquer these amazing projects, and you have a perfect recipe for anxiety in those of us who have overused worry buttons! The new ceiling fan is the bomb. So perfect with the barn door upgrade. You are on a roll, for sure. And yes, one thing always leads to a hundred or so more. Most of all, it is a joyful relief to hear that Smooch is well and almost recovered from her debilitating illness. Hope your team continues to win! Happy Spring!

  2. So good to hear that all is well. Fan looks great, can't wait to see more.
    I have had big dogs and little dogs. My little ones were far better watch dogs and would absolutely flip out over snakes or any other creature by the house. Maybe a little dog buddy is in order. The funny thing..they also end up as the alpha dog!Lisa G in TN.

  3. So nice to see an update. Funny thing about "watch dogs." Either they are, or they are not. But maybe Smooch can train her; here's hoping. Rebecca2

  4. I am so glad Smooch is better. my hubby and I are both doing the vertigo thing right now and using the same drug you gave Smooch... that video is so scary and I am glad you shared it. I had never heard of it before...

  5. Great to hear from you, so glad you are back, was really missing you and the gang. /Gretchen

  6. Diane K. Eastern NC3/18/19, 6:23 AM

    So glad you are back. We missed you and the kids. Knowing you are 7 miles from no where with no other humans, doing all your sometimes dangerous home improvements, gives us much concern. Good to hear from you and the little ones.

  7. Glad to read that all is well in project land! I admit to being a little worried. Does that make me weird since we've never met?

  8. Thank you for posting. I missed you.

    Laurie in NB, Canada

  9. Thank you for the update on everybody at the ranch. It's so good to see you all, to know that Smooch is better, and to see that your DIY talents are still being put to use! My best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy spring!!!

  10. I'm so happy to see Smooch's face. Alex is such a puppy. She seems very happy, of course she's devoted.

  11. So good to hear from you and glad Smooth is improving! Enjoy Betsy

  12. Always good to get a peek at how things are going at the 7MSN!

  13. I wondered if you were under the "Cyclone Bomb" of winter weather that blasted across NM?
    Glad Smooch is on the mend. She's such a great dog! Hopefully Alex will come around to the right time to bark. Maybe she's bowing to Smooch's barks for now?

  14. Please try not to leave us hanging next time. Considering all the ridiculous + horrible news we get bombarded with daily... just sayin'. (((❤️❤️❤️)))

  15. Thanks so much for the update, I was beginning to worry! Synchronized chewing is the best!

  16. Thank you for the update. Good to here Smooch is ok!!

  17. Nice to know all is well.

    Wendy C - Bribie Is, Oz

  18. I'm happy to hear on Smooches recovery and Alex's ears are still so cute. With you and your projects have been telling me, I can do this too!

  19. They allow dogs in carts in the stores? this MUST be New Mexico!

  20. So glad to hear the news that all is well!

  21. Gosh, I was starting to worry about you! Thanks for the update! Yes, days have a way of slipping by when you are retired!

  22. OMG, the pic of Alex at the fence, I'm dying.

  23. Love this post :) thanks for checking in. We always love to hear from you and your crew!

  24. Happy to see your post. The silence had me worried. You're a good mama for taking good care of both your "kids" so well. And spring is here in New Mexico (maybe)!

  25. An American in Tokyo3/27/19, 7:20 PM

    Glad to hear all and everyone is well!
    I haven't been able to check your blog (also being a little absent) as often as I would like.
    Virtual hugs and kisses to you and everyone at MSN Ranch!

  26. I am missing this blog.......glad everyone is ok.

  27. PLEEEEEZE post more often, I miss you so much.

  28. I agree with Laurie and Dianne.....miss your posts so very much. Please don't retire on seeing all your photos and updates about life! Lisa G in TN

    1. I don't know what my problem is - it's like there's so much content on the web already, why add to the noise? I'll try to snap out of it soon. Meanwhile, I'm still sharing pictures on Instagram, if that helps.

    2. Oh....but there is so little content that is positive and real. And somehow you also have great followers that are positive and encouraging! And you have a wonderful eye for capturing photos. Your photo stories that include stick figures to tell the story are my absolute favorite! Looking forward to whatever is next...Lisa G in TN

  29. All these pictures are just so wonderful. That one of you and Alex in the truck with your super fun sunglasses just makes me smile and smile. And miss you.
    And if I might be so bold, the content you personally add to the web is salve for the soul and brings happiness to so many (poke, poke). Instagram is lovely for a blink-of-the-eye check-in, but a post really gives that opportunity to slow down and savor your pics and stories.
    xo Danni

  30. I hope all is well with you and your critters, it has been a month and no post. I don't do Instagram, my phone will not allow it...

  31. Adding to the clamor for more posts from you. Your content counteracts all the nuttiness that is out there. Plus you have built such a great, caring, supportive community here that cannot exist without your posts to "gather around" like a campfire. That is a huge contribution to all of our well-being -- I feel positive I can say that without actually consulting with anyone else. /Gretchen

  32. Miss you! I don't do Instagram! Your posts are about as far from "noise" is possible! Love your pictures & stories! COME BAAAAAACCCKKKKK!

  33. Youuuuuwhoooooo? Hope all's still OK out there and that you had a glorious Easter.