Monday, July 30, 2018

Meet the nameless new girls

At long last, I have expanded my flock of chickens from one to five.
Ten has been by herself since Peach died a few months ago.
While she did not seem lonely, I didn't want her to lead a solitary life,
and besides, I love keeping chickens. So on Thursday,
I picked up four new girls who are about four months old
and should start laying soon.
I have yet to name them, but I do know they will not be called

This Americauna will lay bluish/greenish eggs.

There are two Barred Rocks in the group, who will likely be impossible 
to distinguish from each other.

See what I mean?

And this is a Sapphire Gem, a new breed from the Czech Republic that allegedly does well 
in hot climates and will have blue and lavender colored plumage.

I introduced them to Ten en masse, and everyone seems to be getting along just fine.
They spent their first two days cooped up, then I gave them access to the front yard,
where they met the feral beast, who proved once again that he's just a big chicken.


  1. How 'bout Thelma and Louise for the twins?

  2. More entertainment for Alex and Smooch! How about naming them after the girls in Little Women? Only names I can recall now are Amy, Beth and Jo.

  3. There were some awesome name suggestions on that linked post about naming the previous flock.

    I hadn't realized that you were down to just two and now one chicken. I'm glad Ten has some new companions.

  4. Ha - my cats (and jrt) give the girls a WIDE berth - though Val has managed to maintain his #1 spot.

  5. Just a big chicken...made my day! Cheers for Ten, getting some new roommates. The Americauna has beautiful feathers.

  6. Sorry to hear Peach died. I thought she was very pretty. I had never heard of an Americauna chicken until very recently when I started reading a series of books by Dawn Lee McKenna. The central character in the book owns one and it's name is Stoopid. Very funny chicken. Looking forward to seeing the colorful eggs!

  7. I’m happy Ten will have company and hope they all get along well. The two Barred Rocks look different to me - the one in the lower photo is more heavily feathered on her head. She has feathers completely around her ear, at least on her left side, and more feathers around her comb too. Kinda subtle differences, I suppose, if they’re in a tussle over a lizard.

  8. We have a Barred Rock that my daughter named Barbie!

    I put colored zip ties on the leg of my chickens to tell them apart. While they grow you just have to make sure it doesn’t get too tight.

  9. An American in Tokyo7/30/18, 5:53 PM

    JCC knows when he is outnumbered! ha ha!
    I love how he replied to you when you said hi! Sooooooooooo cute!