Thursday, June 14, 2018

A minute in the garden with Alex

I shot this video about nine hours after Alex arrived at the ranch.

Two important stories so far:

1. Last night, she slept soundly in her crate in my bedroom –
not a peep was heard ALL NIGHT LONG. How is that even possible? 

2. This morning, I left her in her exercise pen in my office while Smooch and I
went outside to do morning chores. I could hear her whining and complaining 
while I was in the barn, but she quieted down eventually so we went for
our normal, 25-minute walk. Upon our return, it was still quiet in the house. Yay!

I went to check on her before making Smooch's breakfast.
She was not in her exercise pen...her 3' tall exercise pen. 
I had my first heart attack of the day, raced to put Smooch in the back yard,
then went looking for Alex, who I found quietly sitting in the crate in the bedroom.
Nothing in the rest of the house was amiss, and I've yet to find any puddles.

It didn't take long to figure out how she escaped her pen,
because I watched her from the kitchen almost do it again.
The little bugger climbs, sort of like that famous raccoon.

All this excitement and she hasn't even been here 24 hours.
The fun has just begun!

p.s. The cheesy music is from youtube's non-copyright-infringing library.
Who has time to look for something better with a puppy in the house?


  1. Like human children, if puppies are too quiet they are probably up to mischief! Can you put netting or something on the exercise pen? Smooch will have so much playtime fun with Alex.

  2. Cannot believe she slept through the night, that is great and it's also great that she loves her crate and retreats to it! My corgis always adored their crates as a place of retreat, it is nice for them to have their own space. /Gretchen

  3. Sigh. She’s absolutely perfect. I’m smiling so big. :-)

  4. What a cutie pie!!! Good gosh - wish I could sleep through the night... What does Smooch think of this interloper?
    ~ Linda K.

  5. She’s just adorable! I love puppies. She seems very smart to escape and find her crate.

  6. *lol* She's a doll! You say she climbed back in?! No piddle puddles? I'm smiling like Danni. :-)


  7. So happy it went so well. Think she figured out she hit the lottery and better be good! Pray it is all this easy. Can't wait to see videos of them playing together and sleeping together. Lisa G in TN

  8. Yipee - Alex is there! So many new adventures await you all :-)

  9. She is very cute! Have she and Johnny Cash Cat met yet?

  10. That is one very cute little tail she's got there. What's JCC thinking about her? Surely he's taken notice.

  11. You’ve got one amazing puppy there ... seems she was meant to be a part of your family.

  12. An American in Tokyo6/14/18, 6:13 PM

    I agree with Kipper, you have to look out when kids/pets are too means they are up to something!! Ha ha!!
    Love seeing your adventures with Alex! Cannot wait to see if Smoochie will teach her how to dig up the yard! ;D

  13. Clearly she is very happy in her new forever home. Can't wait to see updates once the barriers are down. Happy that she is content, and that the transition is going smoothly. Puppies are just so darn CUTE! You picked a good one!!!

  14. My! But she has looong legs!

  15. That's a HAPPY dog! By the size of her paws... She might grow out to become HUGE!
    Elsewhere from amsterdam

  16. Oh yes...quiet puppies means something's up! Little Alex has demonstrated: 1. She's very intelligent, 2. She thinks for herself 3. She's a gooooood girl 4. Watch out, she will work hard to train YOU (and might succeed!). One of my dogs, the smartest of a lifetime of them, climbed the x-pen sides like a ladder, just like Alex. Another one stood on her hind legs & pushed it around the room like a walker. I had to work hard to stay ahead of them all their lives.

  17. Love that she comforted herself in the crate while you were out with Smooch. She is a smart little girl. Not going to be too little when she is finished growing. Precious. Of course she is clever and has wiles. Ninja skills :)

  18. She's reeeeeeeealy cute and looks verrrrrrry content. Yay, Ovi! ;)

  19. Our new puppy (male) has only done 2 poops in the house, but that's because I am firm about taking him OUTSIDE after he eats. By the way, I went to that dog food site you had a week ago and downloaded their puppy recipe, which is similar to what we've always fed our pups. He gets that in the morning and kibble at night. He has already learned to go sit by the outside door when he needs to go OUT!

  20. She is adorable - happy puppy times!