Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How to humiliate a burro in three easy steps

Step 1: Go to a farm store with a friend who understands 
your need to provide humorous blog content. 

Step 2: Purchase "Hair Extensions for Horses...Color Makes Your Horses Look Faster!"
Step 2B: Assume that the claim also applies to burros.

Step 3: Attach hair extensions to burro.

George: Your method works. I'm thoroughly humiliated.

 Me: I apologize, but you look adorable.

 George: I'm adorable with or without extensions.

Alan: I thought these were supposed to make me look faster.

Alan: Got an extra scrunchie?


While blue is definitely Alan's color,

the extensions proved too ticklish for his delicate nose.
That left us with only one option.

Pin the tail on the donkey.


  1. 😊brahahaha or make that brahehawhehaw adorable.

  2. I knew you'd find useful things to do in retirement!

  3. Patient boys, not really working the hair. Funny.

  4. Michelle from Vancouver5/16/18, 6:56 AM

    You guys are having way too much fun !

  5. Most excellent post. And yes, I bet they will look "faster" in the future when they see you approaching with future extensions - running the other way :)

  6. OMG ... that is hilarious!

    Thanks!! Marcia in CO

  7. Hahahaha! I check in almost every day and thoroughly enjoy your posts. Excited for your new puppy and your Navajo rug! Keep on bloggin!

  8. Best pin the tail on the burro game ever

  9. Thanks for the laughs and smiles!

  10. Brilliant post, Carson! Love it!

  11. An American in Tokyo5/16/18, 5:56 PM

    You two are too silly!! ha ha!!

  12. Well worth whatever you paid! =o)

  13. Pat in East TN, I think retirement has done some unusual things to our friend Linda. Possibly a mini-burro or burrito would settle her down. You know, puppy, redecorations, blue haired donks, what next? Wait, I know, a cart! Train Alan to pull a small cart! How 'bout it, Carson, sound like a good idea? You could even decorate it and drive it in Pie Town for Pie Days!

  14. Thanks for the laugh Carson! :)

  15. Love it!

    Wendy in thailand

  16. What a giggle. But they both look so not impressed!

  17. What a fun day out feed store trip was! I didn’t even notice you taking that pic! I guess Ethel and I look enough alike that everyone assumes that’s her! :-)
    Those pics are HYSTERICAL - and your commentary had me laughing out loud! My fave pic, I think, is the third one down - of George with the extension parted down the middle. There he stands, so patiently, but clearly puzzled about the whole thing. lol.
    Adorable. And to think, at the time, I wanted you to get the rainbow ones. Electric blue was definitely the right call.