Monday, March 12, 2018

Project progress report #2

The storage thing I ordered for the guestroom arrived last week, all 70 pounds of it, 
tightly packed into a suspiciously small box.

This was my first experience assembling flat-packed furniture,
and I was not looking forward to it. At all.

Amazingly, all the parts were included, all the pre-drilled holes were in the right places,
the instructions were large enough to read, it was not a two-person job
despite the admonishments in the instructions, and putting it together was almost fun...

...unlike swapping out the sconce with the one from my office. 
Electricity is never fun.

I stole a chair from the living room because what's the point
of having a light above without a chair below?
p.s. I've found my center.

Except now there isn't room for the trunk at the foot of the bed.
I'll still restore it but will need to find a different place to park it.

Fabric has been chosen for the door and window shades. I'll use the one at the bottom
for the door (it's called Vine but I think it looks more like Chicken Feet).
I'll use the flowery one for the window. This was a last-minute addition
to the original selections, so I photoshopped it onto the other samples,
which is why it looks weird. 

Some of you have suggested leaving the window free of pesky obstructions,
but all my guests so far prefer to close the shades at night.
Since this is their room, they shall have shades. 
Smooch is okay with that as long as they're left open during the day.

I still need to find some interesting hooks for the space between the closet and entry door
(to the left of Smooch's nose but higher up).

Next steps: order the fabric and figure out how to make roman shades.


  1. What an amazingly beautiful area you’ve created! I’m impressed with your never ending talents Carson.

  2. it looks like the room has SMOOCH approval which is the most important part. you are SOOOOO talented. I want my windows closed at night also

  3. Fabulous, simply fabulous. Happy guest, guest room.Love the way the pieces came together.

  4. That room looks SO inviting!!!!
    Assembling flat packed furniture is one of my favorite things. I marvel at the way it comes together (for me, not always on the first try). Making Roman shades is sort of like assembling furniture in that if you follow the steps in the instructions you will marvel at the way it comes together. Having made one once, that's enough of that for me!

  5. It looks great! I love the colors. Very vacationy/refreshing/relaxing. Who knew I would love your home improvement posts so much? Etsy has lots of neat/unique wall hooks. I just looked up "chicken wall hooks" there and they had a bunch. I have some flat metal crow silhouette wall hooks that I just love, I was thinking of something like that, but they had lots of other things.

  6. Looks stunning. i am impressed with your assembly skills.

  7. Wow! The room looks gorgeous. What will you do with the trunk that you are redoing? Having a chair in the room is such a good idea. As usual, you are my DIY hero!
    Linda D.
    Tucson, AZ

  8. Super inviting room and Smooch agrees. Amazing that the corner thingy had all its pieces -- but also that the instructions were in understandable English! I have almost cried sometimes trying to figure out what the directions were trying to tell me. It all looks great -- but won't the guests want a drawer or two for un-displayable things? Or would that tempt them to stay too long?

  9. Now that you have put those fabulous bright prints in the guest room, what is hanging on your black wall where they were before? Love the guest room, it looks terrific, can't wait to see the shades! /Gretchen

    1. You have a very good memory. Currently, there's a canvas print of Hank on the black wall above the tv. I seem to change what's there depending on my mood and/or the season.

  10. An American in Tokyo3/13/18, 6:29 PM

    Omigosh, how beautiful!!
    Everything is looking wonderful!!
    I LOVE the chair/mini sofa and the corner clothes rack(?) thingie!!
    I can't wait to see when it's all done!! =D

    I'm just wondering if you are expecting visitors soon since you have been working so hard in the guest room?!?!

  11. Congrats on the room redecorating. Looks lovely.

    But mostly, kudos to your lovely model, especially the flashy downward dog position :)

  12. love your self-stealing actions! perfect pose of Smooch for a perfect room