Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The guestroom isn't big enough for dogs wearing high heels and smoking pipes

With the dresser relegated to the garage and half the closet devoted to saddles, 
storage in the guestroom was starting to look like a problem...
...until I remembered this old trunk my sister restored and gave to me
40-something years ago. 

I hauled it down from the attic and emptied it of its treasures 
(e.g., wedding dress, letters my mom sent to me when I was in college, 
Girl Scout sash with all my merit badges, hubcap from from my first car, etc.).

With enough elbow grease and chemicals, I'm thinking I can restore it again 
and end up with an interesting, functional storage piece at the foot of the bed.

Now I know some of you, or at least Ethel, are thinking, "the lining must be saved!"
I think not. And so that I wouldn't be dissuaded, I scraped it all off
before writing this post.
(Click on the image to enlarge it...I wouldn't want you to miss some of these details.
I wonder if Tina and Max are still together?)

  I'm not sure of the trunk's origins, though I have a vague memory of
my sister purchasing it from an Army Navy surplus store.
(Sister, please enlighten us if you see this post.)

My current plan is to strip off the paint to the bare aluminum, 
polish it, line it with cedar planks, and end up with something kinda sorta like this:


  1. LOVE your ideas...perfection!

  2. Never lacking ideas for a new project! guess you'll need two or three layers of silver painting to reach that shine but looks great

  3. Looks like 1968-70?...very mod! Funny how all the dogs are drinking. I bet you had a ton of Girl Scout badges - you're so creative, resourceful, and handy! Are there any surprising badges?

  4. Love it. Looking forward to the finished piece.

  5. well i am one of those who would have said the lining must be saved...but i think your idea of cedar planks is very good and i can't wait to see the results.

  6. Isn't it great when you can shop in your own attic (or up north ... in your own basement)!

  7. It already looks much better. Are you going to put legs on it so it is a bit taller? Hmmm wonder if the old bedposts can be repurposed for that.

  8. Oh great, now I have to go to the attic and get my daughter's camp trunk and do this. That's been on a back burner for years. I think mine will be easier because it's not made of metal. I plan to cover the outside with fabric and spiff up the strips of trim. I'd challenge you to a craft contest except I know A) you'll win and B) you'll actually follow through on your plan.
    I love the former lining of yours. I take it you sister did that and that is wasn't army issue that way?

  9. I love the patina on that trunk!! I'm such a sucker for old trunks....the number of them that have made my house their home over the years is genuinely shameful...borderline hoarder status over here. Literally one in every room....3 in the living room....2 stacked in the master bedroom....

  10. I still have a hubcap from my first car - a 1968 Pontiac Catalina.

  11. You had me at Girl Scout sash and merit badges. I am like WHAT!!! How cool. You should make a shadow box with those. Highly collectible stuff!

  12. An American in Tokyo3/9/18, 12:07 AM

    What did you do with your treasures?!?!
    I would love to see your wedding dress!!!

    The lining of that trunk is hilarious! I was wondering why Smooch would want to wear high heels/smoke at the beginning of your blog today! Yes, I think cedar lining sounds very nice!

    I can't wait to see what the final trunk looks like!!