Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ranch Journal ~ February 19, 2018

I've started painting the guest room. 
There's no turning back now.  

Smooch thinks I've lost my mind, and she's probably right.

I'm painting the trim first. Google insisted that I had to sand off the existing varnish 
so that the primer and paint will adhere correctly, but it also said 
I could use this liquid sander deglosser to do the work for me. 
The guy in the paint department at Home Depot seconded Google's opinion,
so I went for it.

The primer went on smoothly and stuck. So far, so good.
I'm trying hard to do this right and without mishaps, but in the end,
I am, and probably always will be, a terrible and very cranky painter.

I'm not painting the closet doors or the entry door, for now anway.
If my bent-over body recovers, I'll apply "Palais White" paint over the primer today.
I've yet to decide what color to paint the walls, but I have decided that 
this will be the ONLY room in the house with painted trim.
It's simply too damned much work. I'm counting on all of you 
to remember this declaration if you ever see me considering otherwise.


  1. I think in one room, this change will be nice. I do like the look and am anxious to see what color you choose for the walls.

  2. I like painted trim also. Like you said you are, I am such a messy painter that I end up with it all over me. Can't tape me to protect from the splatter.

  3. When the big bathroom was remodeled four years ago, I did not want wooden trim that would need painting. Juan cut baseboard pieces from the flooring tile. They were big ceramic tiles, about three feet square. Worked so well that when he tiled the basement for us we asked for the same treatment. There are seemingly miles of white wood baseboard throughout the rest of the house :) Predate me.

    I love your decorating adventures. Smooch, not so much. She would probably prefer to sip tea on the veranda, except for missing out on something.

  4. Retirement sure has been a bonus to your home!

  5. I paint for the shear joy of the pain involved. I seriously would rather have a root canal than paint.

  6. The best part about painting is when it is done! The wall color in the guest room is very nice already.

  7. I really like it! Looks good and worth the trouble. I also like the current wall cover but that’s because I painted my bedroom that exact color to remind me of NM.

  8. We love the warm look of woodgrain, which is another reason (besides the pita factor) that we wouldn't bother to paint trim.

  9. An American in Tokyo2/21/18, 7:53 PM

    My Dad is/was a general contractor and he always put down those paint cloth things to avoid splattering the floor and used masking tape all around the edges. It makes everything go faster, I think.