Wednesday, August 23, 2017

In duct tape we trust

 ...because I learned my lesson after I did this:

p.s. A rattlesnake did not escape in the front seat, but a bullsnake did escape from the same can 
when it was in the garage awaiting relocation, despite the alleged locking lid.
Live and learn.


  1. Ick, at least it was only a bull snake. Some of us would never dream of putting the container on the front seat. Snakes don't need to ride shotgun. That is Smooch's job. Whew!

  2. Every time you write about your snake issues I give thanks that I live in a climate where it is to darn cold for those effg reptiles, eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk!!! Thank you for the reminder ;)

  3. Good for you! I carry a roll of duct tape in my car in case of any emergency.

  4. Yikes! How fast did you exit your truck?

    NE Oklahoma

  5. Oh mannn! In the freaking front seat?! Omg
    I bet he loved that, not as many bumps and a little more comfortable.
    ( I hear they can take tape off after so many hours...) ;-0

    1. An American in Tokyo8/23/17, 6:01 PM

      HAHAHAHAHA!! Yeah, better watch out for those DIY bull snakes, taking off tape!!

  6. Something wrong with the BED of the truck?!? Maybe you need to rethink the retirement location... ;-)