Monday, July 17, 2017

So much for those sheep

This home-improvement project began with 
a problem in search of a solution. 
The problem: too many things to do
written on too many scraps of paper
cluttering up too many surfaces around the house,
then the things to do don't get done
because I lose the scraps of paper.

The solution: repurpose this tired, dated wall cabinet
to consolidate my weekend to-do lists.

It's hardly a family heirloom, but the cabinet has been with me 
through four houses, and I didn't want to give up on it. 
Maybe if I scraped off the sheep and painted the fake whatever-it-is on the surface, 
it could prove more useful than just a place to store extra glassware.

The sheep were printed on some sort of wallpaper, affixed to the wood
with some sort of perma-glue.

Much sanding was required, but the job became easier once I pushed down too hard
with the sander and the inserts fell out.

Several coats of Kilz covered up the faux surface.

And several coats of chalk board paint covered up what was left of the sheep pasture.

 And now my lists of weekend chores cannot be lost or forgotten
(although some items do get ignored).


  1. That is really so cool ... you come up with the best ideas!

  2. Love the green chalkboard paint and that the to-do list includes a blog post. Aunt Jean

  3. It looks so much better!

  4. Northern AB gal7/17/17, 6:41 AM

    Great idea, but shouldn't the chores from Saturday that don't get done be added to Sunday or are they supposed to fall off the board when a new day is added, lol?

    1. "Clean" is on every list I ever make. Funny how it never gets checked off.
      p.s. You guessed correctly about the number but I can't post your answer for awhile.

  5. Much better! Very nice job.

  6. I too have the lists all over. Trying to utilize a planner but still making lists :-/
    Maybe I should try a looks great!

  7. Ever the clever and handy lady! Love love love it!

  8. good job! and love green, my fav colour! wonder what is the 170 for?

    1. Yes - 170? Inquiring minds want to know...

    2. here is a guess: there are 170 items on your to-do-list!

    3. Very good guess, Carine. I must remain coy on the subject for now but the answer will become clear soon.

  9. Beautiful! The eighties are banished!

  10. All through elementary school I always wondered WHY the blackboard was called a blackboard when it was the same color green as yours is. Very nice job eh :)

  11. An American in Tokyo7/17/17, 8:54 PM

    Very cool idea!!!

  12. Great re-purpose....I should do that...I have scraps of paper all over my desk of
    things to do and then they get lost too....Hmm!!! What is the 170 for on the bottom
    of the second chalk board?
    Loe from NC

  13. I was going to ask about the 170 also, my guess it that it has to do with days.