Wednesday, July 19, 2017

George has the good sense to leave before the dust flies

 I went for a routine eye exam yesterday.

 The doctor informed me that the parts of my eyes that are supposed to release oil
to mix in with my tears blah blah blah were clogged with dust. Whatever.

I explained that I live in a very dusty environment...

...but I sensed she was thinking "lazy housekeeper"...

...not "photographer of donkey dust baths."


  1. that is a LOT of dust, we can all sign an affidavit if you need one. LOL

  2. Did your property come with the dust pit or did it get built up over time? Does the herd have more than one bathing spot or is there something special about this spot?

    1. The property came with dozens of these delightful dust pits. Perhaps the universe knew that I would be bringing donkeys home before I did. This one is their go-to spot when I bring them in from the pasture.

  3. You funny! Hey, maybe that's what's wrong with this Desert Rat's eyes.

  4. Welcome to the dry eye club. You definitely live in clouds of donkey dust. The dry eye thing is generally one of those "benefits of maturity" as Gigi (former doc I adored) used to say. Got her fresh out of med school and went to her for years until I moved away.

  5. Wow, that is dusty! It's hard for me to imagine a dusty place, it's always so wet here!

  6. Another dry eye person here. Eye doc said it more common here in the desert and age doesn't help. phooey! Love watching the burro boys dust bathing anyway!