Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday encore ~ Good friends help you bury a body...

This encore post is from June 15, 2016. 

...great friends help you dig it back up and bring it home.

 It would have taken years for Lucy and I to bring this home piece by piece,
so I enlisted Ethel to help me retrieve it in one fell swoop.
That laughter you heard out of the west Friday morning? That was us.
(If the cow looks familiar, you may remember it from this post,
when Lucy and I brought home the skull.)
Anyway, when these bones finish bleaching out, 
I'll have plenty of raw materials to make stuff.

What stuff, you ask? 

I saw something similar while perusing Pinterest
and thought it might look and sound interesting on the front porch.

Just as the feral beast and the chickens and the swallows 
were getting used to it...

...a 30 mph gust brought it to its knees. 
Turns out that 6-pound fishing line is no match for the New Mexico wind.
But that's ok. The parts are still in tact, and I should be able 
to easily restring it with something stronger. 
It was a noble experiment that fueled lots of boneheaded ideas 
for future projects. (Ethel, come back soon!)


  1. That was a fun trip and I really needed it! I loved the sound of the " bone chime"

  2. yes, Ethel come back, we want to see more bone adventures!

  3. What a natural piece of southwest decor. And I am quite certain it has many wonderful memories for you!