Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The best thing to happen for people living in the middle of nowhere. Ever.

Maybe I should qualify that statement and say, 
"The best thing to happen for people living in the middle of nowhere 
and 11.4 miles from their mailbox. Ever!" 
Because it really, truly is.

I learned about the U.S. Postal Service's "Informed Delivery" feature 
in some obscure news article in April. I couldn't register fast enough. 
It became available in my zipcode last week, 
which probably means it's available everywhere by now.

Once you sign up for the free service, the USPS will send you 
an email every morning with scans of the first-class mail 
being delivered to your real mailbox that day. 

No more wasted trips to the mailbox to see if the check really is in the mail! 
This service will make a huge difference in my life.  
Here's the link to register if you want to take advantage of it, too.


  1. I received that notice last week and couldn't imagine why the failing USPS would be spending money this way. Now I am glad for you and others who don't have their mail delivered to their door and who live so far away from the mailbox. I wonder how many people there are who have to go more than half of mile to get their mail? I do think it's ridiculous that my mail is delivered to my door; I should at least have to walk to the street to a mailbox.
    I love receiving mail but I would very much like to see all kinds of limits to the way money is spent in delivering so much junk mail that goes directly into the recycling bin. How much money would it save if Saturday delivery was restricted to first class mail? I'd say "don't get me started", but I guess I already got started didn't I?

  2. This is THE best thing the USPS has ever done! I'm 1/2 mile from my mailbox, and yes, the wasted trips, although nothing like you're Carson. I don't get much mail, but when there is some, it's sure nice to know it's there and what it is.

  3. worth the 11+ miles x2! wonder if I woud like this service because this is like Big Brother entering through the back door!

  4. Happy for you. Major quality of life improvement. Mailbox here is just across the road, maybe 80 feet away. Newspapers have their own boxes on poles next to the mailbox.

  5. you might have just saved my life. I have complaine to our postal service about our delivery. our mail man puts our mail 2 blocks away and their mail in our box. we have 2 things that are important and one is a check once a year. we have no way to know if it is out there if he puts it somewhere else. once by business cards sat at a ladies house for 3 weeks, I had called and got a new box and she brought them here 2 weeks after I got the second delivery. I will pass this service on. thanks a bunch.

  6. What a fabulous, useful idea!

  7. This is a great service!

    My mailbox is fastened to the front of my house, so I don't need it, but if I lived miles and miles from my mailbox, I would sign up in a flash!

  8. That's awesome! My mail can't get any closer :-/

  9. Also, if you register with UPS as a user, they send you emails telling you when they are coming, when they have delivered and where they put it when they did. This is very helpful for those of us who aren't necessarily home at the time. I'm not out in the middle of nowhere, but sometimes it feels like it...

  10. thanks for sharing! awesome!