Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday encore ~ Why did the cat not cross the road?

This encore post is from March 2016.
I noticed Johnny perched on the porch railing.

Then he noticed me.

I could see that he wanted to come over and visit me.

He contemplated his options for getting from point A to point B.

JCC: I could use a little help here.

Have I mentioned that the feral beast is afraid of chickens?


  1. He should be afraid of the chickens. Wicked girls.

  2. Smart cat! We've seen what these chickens can do!

  3. He has noticed the bleached bones in their part of the barn!!

  4. Observant of the "pecking" order. Sorry.

  5. How I wish my "formal" ferals were afraid of chickens. I really want to have a few hens, but my two cats go chase my neighbor's hens--so far the hens win. I love your pix & your commentaries.
    Sandy in California

  6. this cat is awesome, just awesome! and clever!who wouldn't be afraid of dinosaurs' descendants?