Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lucy and Ethel install an over-the-range microwave

 I don't know what in the heck I'm smiling about...
maybe the fact that somebody showed up to help me install the new microwave.

 Hi, Ethel! Thanks for coming. I'll try not to wear you out with all the two-person projects
 I've been saving for just such an occasion.

 Who among us remembers that desk game with the silver balls,
where you pulled out the one on the end and let it go and it knocked into the rest of them?
That's what the new chandelier reminds me of.

Even though I replaced an old Whirlpool with a new Whirlpool,
the mounting brackets were not the same. Figures. The new one
is a slightly different size, so some of the tile had to get chipped out.
(Not a problem. Stay tuned for "Lucy and Ethel install a backsplash"
and scroll back to the first photo if you want a clue.)

New holes were drilled. 

 All those warnings I'd read about this being a two-person job were oh so true. 
It was very tricky. We had to lift it in and out of the bracket
five times before we could get the proper alignment with the screws that
go in the top of the oven through the bottom of the cabinet. Details-schmetails.

 The important thing is that it's in and it works.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous. I'd love to have your kitchen!

  2. Amazing. How nice that you had an extra pair of hands on this, although I'm pretty sure you could have done it solo...just sayin'. You would have figured out a way to do it, but I'm sure it wouldn't have been nearly as fun! Aren't good friends just THE BEST?! Yay, for working microwaves!!!

  3. Good job! Backsplash is going to look great too.

  4. sometimes you two scare me...
    and make me feel utterly useless!

  5. Well done ladies! Can't wait for the backsplash. I may be redoing mine soon. Is the a Pioneer Woman tea Kettle? So nice!

  6. Great job! You are an inspiration.
    Anna G

  7. Northern AB gal3/14/17, 7:20 AM

    It's in, it works and it looks great! Good job ladies.

  8. Oh, you guys, it looks AMAZING!! Nicely done (can you hear me applauding?) It looks even better than I'd imagined. Damn cute tea kettle, too. But tell me, wth is in the (also new) ceramic egg holder on the right?? Giant purple potatoes? :-)
    Any 3-person jobs on the agenda? Maybe I could helicopter down for the weekend? lol

  9. Ethel's the best! Where's Fred?

  10. Oh goody, more projects. Enertaining for US--------

  11. You go girls!!!! Looks fantastic!

  12. Yea looks so good! Can't wait for the back splash. Betsy

  13. The things you(and friends)can do are amazing!!!! I so wish I was that handy!! Linda-Tn.

  14. Oh duh. They're avocados!! Never mind. :-)

  15. Love your kitchen. The microwave looks great.

  16. looks fantastic!!! well done!!

  17. Girl Power. You bring it Carson.

  18. Looks great! I think you need to have a DIY reality show filmed at 7MSN.

  19. I'm so impressed! I can imagine how aggravating it must have been. Thank goodness for friends. :)
    happy days to you,

  20. Wow, your kitchen looks amazing. Wonderful to have a long time friend there to help

  21. An American in Tokyo3/20/17, 8:59 PM

    Wow, I could never do that with even two or three people helping me!!
    You guys are awesome!!