Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday encore ~ Manzano Morning

Posted originally in February 2016.  


Maybe you remember the photo above, which I posted last November
The morning light was pretty darn amazing. Blog reader and artist Leenie Black thought so, too,
and she asked for and received my permission to use it as a reference for one of her paintings.
A week later, Leenie let me know the painting was done, saying, "My work never turns out 
exactly as I imagine, but I hope it at least comes close to capturing the wild beauty 
of the New Mexico morning."

 Hell, yeah, it does. The moment I saw it in Leenie's Etsy shop, I knew it belonged on my wall.

I finally got around to having it framed, and now it hangs next to my bed, opposite the real view.
I couldn't love it more.

But the story doesn't end there.
Leenie had tucked a surprise into the package:

It brought me to tears.

This one hangs in the kitchen and stops me in my tracks every time I pass it by.


  1. Truly, truly special watercolor of your crew, past and present. And very well done, too.

  2. Northern AB gal2/11/17, 7:02 AM

    It was beautiful then and it is still beautiful. I especially love she that did a painting of the herd, so touching.

  3. It's all love, isn't it? I love that your friend sent the watercolor of the herd. And I love seeing Hank again.

  4. the painting of your furbabies brought tears to my eyes. absolutely beautiful..

  5. Lovely. I especially love the family painting .. it brings it all home, doesn't it?


  6. Really like the herd paining!

  7. Those are my favorite mountains...and my favorite herd :-)
    She does amazing work!

  8. I missed this first time around. What beautiful paintings!!!