Monday, February 13, 2017

Further adventures in plumbing

When we last visited the kitchen makeover, the countertops and new sink 
had just been installed. I had to wait 24 hours for the sink silicone to set 
before reconnecting the plumbing and installing the faucet. 
I actually waited three days, thinking I'd need the whole weekend 
and a few trips to Home Depot to pull it off. 

Meanwhile, I did make one trip to Home Depot to check out backsplash options
and am totally sold on this stuff. It makes the cabinets almost western looking. 
My Home Depot had a very limited selection of colors so I ordered a bunch
of samples online, but I'm thinking it will be hard to beat this silver.


  1. No drama. Amazing! I like the silver too.

  2. The silver looks great. Hope the plumbing job went smoothly.

  3. the silver does make it all look more western. that faucet is almost identical to mine. we're still renting and right after we moved in my dad brought that faucet to us from Florida. originally there was a very old faucet. I've really enjoyed this new one, thanks dad! My parents have owned their plumbing company for about 40 I've always called dad for plumbing issues. :)
    congrats on no go girl!

  4. Oh yeah! That photo of the backsplash is better than the one you sent me! I love it!!!!
    I still can't get over how there pretty much isn't anything you can't do...

  5. YE HA! (or however you spell it) is right! Go you!, and I really like the silver splash stuff and your interpretation of it as Western!

  6. Northern AB gal2/13/17, 7:57 AM

    You did it again!! You go girl! The silver looks good but I'm withholding my vote until I see the other options. How's that for fence-sitting, lol?

  7. You did good, girl! Kitchen is looking so fine.

  8. with silver backplash, I wonder if next step you'll want to paint your wooden cabinet! silver is shiny but colourless

  9. An American in Tokyo2/14/17, 12:30 AM

    I love the silver!! And you are WONDER WOMAN!! Woo hoo!!

  10. So glad you had no leaks!!

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