Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The feral beast takes a drink

 See Johnny taking a drink from admiring himself in the stock tank.

 He really is a handsome cat, even when he is upsidedown.
But this picture makes me want to stand on my head, 
so I'll rotate it 180 degrees for you.

Much better.


  1. You (and JCC) sure know how to put a smile on a persons face. Back to work. Hope you had a relaxing holiday weekend.

  2. He has beautiful markings. So glad he stayed with you. He has a good home.

  3. You better watch out, you might become attached to that feral beast.

  4. You can tell he is so content. And yes I believe it's just your love and hospitality...that's how I feel when I visit :-)

  5. Puuurfect Pink Tongue alias JCC the feral beast we have all become attached to

  6. I've been in love with J since day one. He has that special something about him ... a true cat's cat. (And that tongue has to be photoshopped.)