Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Would you like a glass of wine with that fly mask?

My daily chore list in the summer looks something like this:
1. Breakfast time: Put on fly masks 
2. Lunch time: Look for fly masks that burros have removed
3. Dinner time: Shop online for good deals on fly masks
Alan is the master of fly mask removal, though in this instance his attempt was half-assed.

He tells me the off-the-ear look is very fashion forward.

The pasture is positively parched these days, so theoretically 
they don't need to wear their grazing muzzles. However,
if Alan wears his muzzle, George's fly mask stays on, and vice versa.
Most of the time, anyway.

Hmm...I wonder who's responsible for this? 

Houdini. Alan.

Alan: They just fell off. You must have put them on wrong.

George: I can't believe she bought that.

Actually, I didn't buy Alan's excuse but I did buy a half dozen new fly masks. 
And I could only laugh when they arrived. Tucked inside the packing slip 
was one of those special offers...

Horse.com must figure anybody who buys this many fly masks at a time
deserves a good deal on wine.


  1. Alan tries so hard to look innocent. Lucy says, then don't put the muzzle on me. I won't mess with anybody's fly mask. I just want out of grazing muzzle prison, pretty please.

  2. I do believe you need a good deal OF WINE putting up with their antics! You should probably buy fly masks by the box! Ha, ha!

  3. Too bad they don't design one piece fly mask/muzzle...but Alan would probably still get it off somehow

  4. This made me laugh!! Love the picture of the two masks in the stall! They do this to entertain you, you know. :-)

  5. bettypatton@gmail7/12/16, 9:29 AM

    Have you tried Avon Skin so Soft? Just rub it on their face. The flies don' t like and your friends
    will smell so nice.

  6. Laughing loud here! Oh, its her again ... poor woman ...

  7. Horse.com has some horse sense. Groan

  8. Nice from Alan to leave his stuff home at least!

  9. LOLOL I think wine is a perfect bonus to a fly mask order!

  10. An American in Tokyo7/19/16, 6:02 PM

    Nice bonus!
    (I was having computer trouble for awhile and couldn't see the photos!)