Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday encore ~ Things we do when it rains

It's been so long since it's rained, I had to look back in the archives 
to remind myself what it looks like. The post below appeared originally on July 28, 2015.


1. Take attendance. Storms aren't as scary when I know where all the animals are.
2. Walk from window to window watching it because: a) it's always a novelty and b) it's fun to see impromptu creeks rise in the front yard.
3. Monitor this really cool website that shows where lightning is striking in real time.
4. Monitor the weather radar to gauge how much I need to worry and/or pray because I keep forgetting to procure emergency sandbags.
5. Stay inside until the lightning stops, more or less.
6. Go outside as soon as it's safe to check on the herd, clear culverts, redirect ditches, and otherwise splash around in the puddles.
7. Watch all the runoff from behind the barn drain into a mysterious hole.
8. Contemplate how city dwellers probably take storm drains for granted.
9. Listen to the coyotes and toads sing their happy songs.
10. Check the rain gauge and be grateful that New Mexico's drought has ended, at least for this year.


  1. Northern AB gal7/16/16, 5:55 AM

    So,do you have the emergency sandbags yet?? Just thinking about all the weird weather world wide maybe they are something you should have on hand. What is the most rain you have received in one time?

    1. No sandbags yet, but seeing this post again should be just the kick in the ass I need to get some. I think the most rain that's ever fallen at once was 1.5".

    2. Northern AB gal7/16/16, 12:02 PM

      Well, that's not really all that much unless of course it's in 15 minutes time. I can't remember, did you ever figure out where all that water was draining to, 'cause that's pretty freaky. I'm imagining a giant sinkhole of some kind that will collapse at the most inopportune time.

    3. Still haven't figured out the underground drain, but my imagination and yours are taking off in the same direction.

  2. Hope it rained enough! It's sooo loud on your roof...I know the video was from last year but all the mud, yuck! I would be slipping and fallin'

  3. Michelle from Vancouver7/17/16, 7:04 AM

    I'm addicted to the Real-time Lightening Map!!

  4. I remember the waving pasture of grass last year. So odd but beautiful.We are getting too much rain at the wrong time. Playing havoc with some tomatoes. Plump and juicy but no flavor.

  5. An American in Tokyo7/19/16, 5:59 PM

    I suppose the underground drain is just some poor flooded home of a gopher or some animal, but I hope it's not soaking water under your house or barn which could cause damage later!