Thursday, June 30, 2016

Meet the parents

 These are the parents of the curve-billed thrasher triplets living in the cholla behind the barn.
I'm not sure which is the father and which is the mother, but I appreciate
how they both check in with me regularly from the front porch.

 If they're looking for parenting advice, they've come to the wrong place.

Mom or Dad is usually in the vicinity 
when I'm poking around the cholla ...

...and the cholla is poking around me.
The perils of the paparazzi.

Mom or Dad was busy gathering lunch this day.

I presume he or she planned on chewing up that big fat juicy bug
before serving it to the young 'uns.

I waited until it finished transferring the bug and flew off again
before returning to see what the chicklets were up to.   

 Two of the them were sound asleep, while the third 
rested his head on the edge of the nest...

...with his mouth wide open, waiting for more.


  1. How do they live in there without being poked to death?

  2. Ha! That's a crazy hair do on that chick. Great shot.

  3. Actually I think you're full of good parenting advice... just not for birdies.

  4. They are so cute and how exciting to watch them grow up. We have lots of nests on our property so I stalk them as well. I love the Robins and read they have to feed their babies 8-12 feet of worms per day. I was shocked and would see them looking for worms in our yard so I started digging them up to help them out. They would sit on the fence and after I dug up some dirt they would jump down and find them.

  5. That's awesome that they feel safe enough to hang out on the porch with you. Usually the males are prettier than the females. Love the babies photos!
    Their names sound like a heavy metal band to me.

  6. How cute they are! We have had a nest of barn swallows above our front door for several weeks now (so no using it!) The little ones are so cute but the bird poop on my front porch is nasty!

  7. Baby #3 with his head resting on the nest wins the cute award!

  8. OMG, these photos belong in a magazine. I just love them so.

  9. An American in Tokyo6/30/16, 5:51 PM

    It's funny that the parents are checking you out!

    Those chicks have got some kind of hair!! Wow! ha ha!

  10. I have a mockingbird family that lives in our neighborhood. Apparently there is just one juvenile this year. Mom, Dad, and the teenager show up every day now for water and mealworms! YES! I put out mealworms for them! They are quite entertaining. To my horror, a cooper's hawk showed up one day. The male mockingbird dive bombed it and cackled it and it took off (finally) with the mockingbird chasing it down the street.

  11. Gorgeous! Almost worth the prickles!