Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lucy's summer job


  1. How nice to feel what it is like to just be up on her back. Thank you!

  2. I was just getting to the point where I was talking myself out of getting a I want one more than ever. Lucy is amazing!!!

    1. Me too! Isn't Lucy The Dearest?
      ~Auntie Em~

  3. Her saddle is so sleek and beautiful. And Lucy is so calm and gentle. Thank you,

  4. An American in Tokyo6/29/16, 6:00 PM

    Cliffhanger!! So where were George and Alan?!?!

    I couldn't see the baby birdies, but appreciate the view from on top of Lucy!

  5. An American in Tokyo6/29/16, 6:01 PM

    PS - I forgot to tell you that you have the cutest voice in the world!! hee hee!!

  6. Thanks for taking so many pictures for us. I wish we had taken pics of all 16 squirrels we "have-a-harted" flying out of the open door of the cage! SIXTEEN! When we first moved here there was only one fox squirrel living in the big oak. Now we have sunflower (cocaine) seeds and a gang of 'em. This last one had a leather jacket and the word "SCRAT" on it. (you know...from Ice Age the movie)and he was truly a male. I wish Dr Bonnie had been here. We could have cooked us up some Rockvale Valley Oysters. *lol*
    Jim dropped him off away from that female #15.

  7. I am always struck by how well behaved and obedient Lucy is when you post video of her. What a great girl she is!