Monday, June 6, 2016

Ethel checks in #3

With this coming your way, wouldn't you think you'd get some rain?
Nope. Nada.

This morning, we had a rebel amongst us.
Alan refused to come in to eat
(probably because he does have the smallest stall).

So I obliged him and fed him in the middle of the corral.

Even Johnnie was fed up.

Smooch took me on a cool walk.

Whoever left this little bit of artwork on the pole knows my style.

I have recently noticed how cow piles look like sliced meat.
(Note from Carson: I think the heat is getting to her.)

Cactus blooming.

I will make a necklace with the quartz we found.
The colors of the broken stone are beautiful - the photo does not do it justice.

I also found a wooden hook, either the shape of a fish or bird head,
and something with ears.
(Another note from Carson: Ethel takes this stuff home in her suitcase.
If you get stuck in a long security line, blame her.)


  1. Love it! It's amazing what someone new can see. Even if it is because of the heat..........

  2. Sliced meat cowpies! Hahaha
    Tell you the truth, my Moms' Sunday roast looked remarkably similar. Not quite so funny.

  3. An American in Tokyo6/7/16, 1:59 AM

    It looks like Ethel is having a lovely time!! =)
    I would be picking up stuff all over the place as well!! I always bring home rocks and seashells and stuff and tell myself I'll make something later. They end up in my craft area, waiting for a project!

  4. It looks like a wonderful, peaceful day.

  5. sounds like the gang is missing their mom. you are wonderful Ethel to do all this and I to think the heat just might be getting to you since i do NOT see sliced meat. he he he....

  6. Perhaps Ethel should mail these things to her home?

    I pick up rocks. We have no rocks on our farm - 40 acres of no rocks. So when I see rocks here and there I bring them home. Need a paperweight? Use a little rock. Need to secure the corner of that tarp? Use a big rock. I never knew rocks were so useful until I didn't have any! Some of the little ones I have are quite pretty, and one large one in particular that draws comments from people who see it.

  7. Ethel's different perspective on things is very interesting.

  8. Alan will of course say he deserves special treatment because he is little. And adorable. Love all the finds.

  9. Soooo many comments. i'll just laugh here with my coffee. Thanks Ethal! Love the posts

  10. Ethel, I hope you're not taking the sliced meat home.

    1. love your comment. it is authentic and regional souvenir!

  11. Ethel....had a dream about you and the herd last night. I guess it was because of the weather report yesterday for your area of the state. You're such a goodie to ranch sit, and look at the extra service with a smile those donkeys are getting. I love your "eye" for finds. xoxo Oma Linda

  12. Thanks everyone! It really isn't a chore, cause Carson has them trained so well! They probably got more treats than usual, tho ;-)

  13. The day Alan found a way to get rotten spoiled and cultivate bad habits! lol

  14. Ethel, thank you very much for the invite, but after that, I am NOT coming for dinner!

  15. Oooh, I hope you'll post pics of your necklace. You've definitely got a cool eye for desert treasures, Ethel!

  16. Hahahaha! Ethel you are SOME collector! ;)