Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ethel checks in #2

This is what was coming our way Saturday night
so I kept the fence off.

I was waiting for those vertical things to start
twisting and dancing.

Sunday morning, as I was further away from the barn,
I saw Lucy, George and ... Alan? Naw...he isn't that full figured.

My heart was in my throat 'cause it looked like
cows in the pasture! But as I got closer,
they were on the correct side. Whew!

So I hurried back to turn the fence on and left them
like this, wettin' their pipes.

When I got back, this is what I found.
I know it was closed!

Checked the rain gauge and we got .01? .02?

And an ant.

I had a wonderful breakfast 
(love that egg cooker thingy!)...

...before I had to murder the kamikaze fly
that harassed me part of the night.

Johnny must have eaten out last nite – his food wasn't touched.
But he has been checking in for scratches and nail-digging cuddles.
I know your readers will be wondering about him.


Meanwhile, down in Florida, I've been spending time with my mom,
sister and brother-in-law. After dinner at sister's house on Sunday and
before taking mom home, I suggested we take a family selfie.

Mom was skeptical, never having heard the term.

My brother-in-law allowed as how "selfie" wasn't an appropriate name
for a photo with more than one self. I agreed and suggested this be called a "groupie."

So now I'm sitting here writing a blog post,
drinking a beer out of a can that's shaped like a bottle
and watching a basketball game.
Florida is a very strange place.


  1. An American in Tokyo6/5/16, 8:12 PM

    It sounds like you are enjoying your time away from the ranch!
    I love your flyswatter! Did you make it yourself?
    And Ethel's breakfast, it looks soooooooooooooooo yummy!!!
    It's making me hungry again...and I just ate!!! ha ha!!

  2. Budweiser? I thought you had better taste that that! 😉 Ethel is a wonderful ranchsitter.

  3. For I moment I wondered what you meant by "left the fence off" but I did get it after a moment.

  4. Love the photos of you and your Mom!

  5. Your mom looks awesome! Keep having fun, Ethel's doing a good job at the ranch.

  6. love the groupie shots and glad to hear Cat is still around.. enjoyed the UPDATE on all that rain and donkeys that can open doors.

  7. Ethel's reports are so descriptive :) I'm into the details.
    So, how did they open the door (I guess that would make someone a 'hay-cracker' ? (instead of safe-cracker). Solo effort or team work?

    Tell us about the 'egg cooker thingy' !!

    M in NC

  8. Mom and the family are looking great. So happy you have such good friends which allow you to get away for these trips without worrying about your babies at home. I'd like to know about the egg thingy too. And happy to see JCC is doing well. Hope the rain in Florida doesn't create any problems. Stay safe over there.

  9. Looks like Florida is providing good times. Your pretty mother has pretty earrings! So you're having fun & Ethel is funnel-cloud watches, cattle-fence scares, donkey hay-room-invasions, flies with a death wish...and a terrific breakfast, JCC looking for stuff to tattle to you about what Ethel does, and donkey kisses, no doubt! Yum for you both.

  10. I want to know more about that egg cookery thingy! And that flyswatter is awesome!

  11. Both home fronts are covered. Whew. Good job, Ethel.

  12. Ethel cracks me up! Love her style of update. :-) What a yummy breakfast (look, Carson, another avocado lover!!)
    Your selfie-groupies are hysterical! All those smiles made ME smile. <3

  13. Ha! Alan and George are standing back thinking ... LUCY YOU ARE IN TROUBLE! Love the 0.01 inches and ant! Neat to see the similarities between you and your sister and mom. Glad you had some good family time.