Thursday, April 21, 2016


George and Alan brayed very loudly for their breakfast,
which was delayed by an early morning photo shoot.

 Lucky for me, they took out their annoyance 
with the photographer on each other.

 Alan attempted to toss George into the air with a head lift.

Lady Mary: Impressive. 

Nothing could distract Lucy from the feed room door,

 not even George's histrionics.

 Lucy: Out of my way.

 Lucy: Seriously, mom? It's time to put the camera down.

Me: Just one more...


  1. truly i don't know how you could ever put the camera down with these three and there shenanigans...

  2. We don't like to wait for our breakfast with a trivial camera shoot.

  3. Woo Who, a rowdy morning. Lucy is a girl in charge of those boys.

  4. LOL! love pix 1 and on pix 7 Georges looks like a lama!

  5. Just too much cuteness ...

  6. That is such a funny picture of George and Lucy. Its all in the camera angle.

  7. Yes, what a rowdy bunch! You never know what they are are going to do...It looked like Lucy was trying to will the door to open, so focused. I love the photo of the chickens, all the colors :-)

  8. Love the morning light in the barn and the antics of the donkeys, especially the Tai Chi moves by Alan to counter George's moves. George has the best expressions!

  9. I was in no way prepared for how LOUD the donkey bray is until I heard it! My Jethro likes to come to the front screen door and bray into the house just to let us know he's there. LOL!

  10. An American in Tokyo4/25/16, 5:59 PM

    Hangry?! lol