Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday encore ~ A portrait session with the formerly feral beast

 Me: Psst...look over here.

 JCC: Are you speaking to me?

 Me: Yes. Your adoring public might appreciate a formal portrait.

 JCC: In that case, let me look aloof. It's my specialty.

 JCC: Ho hum la de da. Getting bored.

 JCC: One swipe and I could rip this print down to make room for one of me.

JCC: Way too much equine decor in this house

JCC: I wonder how I would look in glasses?

Me: Touch those and you're never coming in the house again.

JCC: Just looking!


  1. Wow, he's beautiful, and you did a great job capturing him.

  2. Johnny is the handsomest of cats.

  3. Love me some Johnny Cash Cat!

  4. Johnny Cash Cat, what a guy. You are so lucky.

  5. Just looking and looking good.

  6. How is that handsome devil? I hope Danni and Paul adored him enough while they were here.

    1. One can never adore Johnny enough :-)

  7. I love the 2nd picture: "You rang?"

  8. Johnny the barn cat, now totally transformed. Linda, you've been too kind. Seriously, cats are very interesting pets, I have 2 myself, would you like one? I'm allergic to animal dander. They'd be out in the barn if I had one. Intead, they insist on snuggling up on my lap whenever I sit down.

  9. you are sooooooooooooo handsome.. you almost got moms glasses, but we know you are innocent

  10. JohnnyCashCat Superstar!

  11. I love that JCC won your heart over and now is not just
    a barn cat...But, a loving member of the crew....
    Glad to see that you are back.
    Love from NC

  12. I have a "stray" that spend 20 hours a day in my house now.

  13. Some of us never detected a feral bone in his body. Good job, JCC. Must have been something in the tone about those glasses. He sat up and took notice. Beautiful portrait session.