Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Same snow, different day

Are you tired of seeing "ranch in snow" pictures? I am.
We got more snow last night, and there are a few more storms in this week's forecast.
I was able to get to town last weekend by leaving very early and 
returning home while the road was still frozen.
Imagine my surprise to learn that wine cannot be purchased in New Mexico until after 7 a.m.
I may have to write my congressman.

When I noticed this woodpecker or sapsucker or otherwise dangerously beaked bird
eyeing the tires, I moved the Ranger back to its rightful parking space in the garage.

The herd remains confined to the corral because of the treacherous footing.
When they're not eating or waiting around for their next meal...

 ...they're engaging in behaviors they would not consider
under normal circumstances.

 All of these tracks were made by rabbits...

 ...followed by the occasional coyote...

...under the ever-watchful eye of Smooch.


  1. Seriously....rabbits? Do you have a heard of them? That is a lot of rabbit tracks. Lisa G in TN

  2. We have the same '7am' rule here in NC. I was at the grocery very early one day and tried to pickup a little 4-pack (I cook with wine and the little bottles are handy). The clerk had to tell me ... I laughed and said I remember not being able to purchase gasoline on Sunday's until the afternoon (Blue Laws!). That always freaked out the visitors, college students and recently moved to NC. Mostly those from large metropolitan areas that 'never sleep'.

    I feel bad for the herd not having enough to chew on ... maybe you could gather some roughage to go along with their hay-ration?

    As for the snow pictures, they are lovely and I'm glad its out west where you need it (Snow Pack!).
    We have had ENOUGH precip where I live for a while. We just got the new roof finished yesterday. Leaks since September and the rough estimate is 27 inches of rain since then ... TOO MUCH.

    We did have our first snow flurries on Monday (not expected), and there is another disturbance approaching today that could give us a few more. Flurries are fine. I just don't want any ice.

    Stay warm!
    M in NC

  3. Oh ... and the bird is not from the woodpecker/sapsucker family. Wrong beak and wrong body. The beak looks more specialised for getting into long flower blooms ...whether it is going after nectar or bugs I couldn't say (and I am probably totally off base too). Maybe he's lost?

  4. I never tire of any of your pics from NM.
    Blue laws = dumb laws. Texas has them too.

  5. Curved- bill thrasher, I think. A desert bird I see a lot in southern Arzona too. On another note, when we lived in Maryland in the 1980's and blue laws were in force, I learned that liqueur-filled candies could not be sold on Sunday. That still makes me laugh today! Soldier on through the winter...

  6. Tired of snow, tired of being cooped up, tired of cold, but never tired of seeing your critters.

  7. I think you should just buy extra wine in the winter, (think survival preparation). Lucy is just posing... Love her smile

  8. Yup, the 7am law is here in Texas too. The important thing is that you were able to stock up. I hear there's another big one coming. You, the herd and all the critters stay warm! Happy Epiphany to you!

  9. Well what is a person to do if they want to consume wine at 6:45am? Sheesh. You better stock up when you can. I consider this to be a travesty!

  10. I love these photos! :)

  11. Love the snow! Glad the circle of life continues at the 7MSN. Aunt Jean

  12. We cannot purchase wine before 7 am either. New Jersey
    The grocery does not carry liquors, and liquor stores do not open early.

  13. I agree with Ethel :D
    No booze before noon on Sunday here. (NC coast) The tourists get irate. (time to call the wah-mbulance)

  14. That bird looks like the one I used to battle over my garden. He gave me a challenge in trying to keep him from digging up seedlings. And I never get tired of the snow pictures.

  15. here in France (Rennes) the ban is in the evening after 8 o'clock! That woodpecker: what about training him to clean your tyres?

  16. That's a Curved Bill Thrasher. They knock all the seeds from my feeder so they can ground feed. Mean birds.