Thursday, January 7, 2016

Birds of a feather do flock together

I integrated my two small flocks into one big one a few weeks ago. 
Everybody's getting along well enough, but they haven't exactly bonded.
It's like watching two schoolgirl cliques on the playground.

You've got the young girls in their pretty outfits on one side...

...and the older, mean girls on the other.

The older girls like to hang out in the younger girls' coop and vice versa. 
Minnie and Mrs. Hughes even laid eggs in there today, starting some sort of turf war.

The new girls are almost 21 weeks old, so they could start laying eggs at any time. 
My guess is they'll use the older girls' nesting boxes just for spite.



  1. I love Ameraucanas. They are so pretty! I had a gold headed one like the front bird. My daughter would follow her around a molting time to collect those beautiful feathers!

  2. They are so pretty! They sound like the women at work. I'm the Lucy of the workplace because I work with the guys and stay out of the drama.

  3. They are pretty young things. Don't look particularly concerned about the opinions of the mean girls either.

  4. Lots of egg dishes in store for you. Beautiful birds!

  5. Ha ha this made me laugh! They are pretty but the old broads are tough and get the job done.

  6. Just a thought...I've found it difficult to get new birds to lay at this time of year with minimal daylight. Have you considered adding a light with a timer in their coop to extend the number of hours of light? I set the timer so light comes on around 4 AM and go off around 7 AM. Extending daylight in the late afternoon doesn't work so well cause when the light goes off, they can't find their roosts in the dark. Very pretty birds!

  7. Oh my, i think you should film a new reality show called Chicken Wars or Fowl Play... they are all fine looking chicks ad i love the neck marking on the young girls

  8. Can't wait to see those first little pretty blue eggs.

  9. I would guess that you need to see their combs getting much redder before anticipating any eggs. Hopefully that will be soon!

  10. It's so beautiful! The "Georgia O'Keefe" pillow from your contest arrived about 30 minutes ago. That is a great looking "Puff Stitch". You even join the same way I do with SC edging. Xena kitty has had her look at it and told me she smells dog and may use it one day if I spray it with cat aroma!. *lol*. I thank you very much for the contest and Smooch's assistance in picking my name from the cup. I found that "cholla remover" (which I wished I had remembered so I could have used it to get those Cockleburs from Tiger). I'm putting together a small box for you too. Yeah, Xena picked you for a gift! Thanks again, ~Auntie Em~

  11. The song, "Why can't we be friends?" keeps playing in my head. The girls are all pretty. Hoping for no stand offs. xoxo Oma Linda
    ps...reminds me of 15 year old girls, they travel in packs and peck at the other packs.

  12. An American in Tokyo1/14/16, 8:42 PM

    The younger ones are very pretty!!
    Do they all sound the same? Just wondering...

    1. The younger ones are much far. They beep more than squawk.
      p.s. Nice to see you back!

  13. I have 16 week old hens (2.. to replace Mary Ann, who got hen napped by a coon or other critter).. Teenage chickens are stupid