Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A blanket of many colors

I wanted to use up my growing collection of leftover yarn, 
and JohnnyCashCat wanted a blanket of his own.
The solution was obvious, though I questioned how ugly the technicolor result might be.

One can only hope that the feral beast is color-blind.

Smooch: That is one ugly blanket. Matches his personality.

George: I'd wear a saddle just to cover it up.

JCC: For me? Really?

JCC: Come back and tuck me in around 10.


  1. Not so! Its a wonderful patchwork blankie for Johnny. :) :)

    Lots of knitters/crocheters do similar projects ... check out
    Google 'sock yarn blanket' or 'crochet patchwork' and see what pops up.

    I don't know about Johnny's preference, but when we had a kitty, she always loved the freshly laundered blankets/clothes. So, remember to give it a wash now and then.

    M in NC

  2. Looks cozy. Of course it did pass through everybody else first, but what is a feral beast to do? Snuggle in and enjoy.

  3. How nice. Johnny now has his very own "keepsake." Freshly laundered, fluffed up and still warm from the dryer. Ahhhhhh.

  4. "Crazy quilts" whether of yarn or fabric, have always been around as crafters thriftly use up their material. I have several treasured afghans my mom made for me and I treasure them.

  5. JCC your blanket is beautiful. Looks comfy cozy. Enjoy!
    Lynda in Michigan.

  6. Hey, that looks like it could be JCC's personalized DNA blanket. Just tell him that!

  7. I love the blankie.....I love the uniqueness of it.
    It is a one of a kind, like people. Each person is unique in
    their own way...I think Johnny will love his new blankie.
    A gift of love....
    Have a very merry Christmas on the ranch with the crew...
    Love from NC

  8. Beautiful!! You can plainly see how much he loves it. I recently made a dog quilt so I can cover my Shar Pei boy at night. I used some large pieces of leftover pieces, very bright so it can't get misplaced. *wink.

  9. Perfect cat blanket! Interesting how the colors pool.

  10. Nice blanket for our beloved Johnny. As Nice as his personality, mind you Smooch. Christmas kisses to all the inhabitants of 7 MSN.

  11. So wonderful!

  12. Warm cozy hugs all around! XO

  13. I just bought my outdoor feral cats (now, not QUITE as feral!) a double sleeping bin. We've had frosty nights here and I want them to be warm! I have a few towels in the garage that I'll put in it for them so they can snuggle and be warm.

  14. An American in Tokyo12/24/15, 5:17 PM

    I think it's nice!
    Merry Christmas, JCC!

  15. Hey JCC, all that blue suits you!