Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Gathering the herd

When the herd is nowhere to be seen in the morning, I'll go out to find them
and bring them back to the barn to put on their fly masks and grazing muzzles.
If I halter and lead one home, they'll all follow...eventually.
Lucy is usually my go-to Judas.

Lucy: It sucks to be me.

I remind her that with great beauty comes great responsibility.

Lucy: Get your ass back in line!

Alan: She can be such a bitch in the morning.

We've done this often enough that Lucy will lead herself back to the barn.

Lucy: You'd think my gorgeous summer dapples would absolve me
from this humiliation.

George: Hold up a minute. We lost one.

Hank: I'm coming. Don't rush me.

George: We're all here now. Put the coffee on.


  1. Great training for the day you go walking around the country...

  2. What a beautiful morning!

  3. I would've guessed Hank would want to be lead horse. Tell Lucy the beauty queen should lead the parade.

  4. So smooth. They just do what they are supposed to do as part of the natural order of the morning. Summer nights in the pasture, glorious.

  5. I always enjoy your blog but this morning the pics & expressions on their faces, plus your captions brought a smile to my face & made me laugh - Thank you! I really needed it today......

  6. Good way to start the morning! Unless you're Lucy.

  7. "With great beauty comes great responsibility." Oh Lucy, next time she pulls that, retort "beauty is its own excuse for being." Aunt Jean

  8. Lucy is such a smart one - leading herself and the others back to the barn

  9. Oh Lucy, despite such poetic speech - "gorgeous summer dapples would absolve me
    from this humiliation" can still be like Alan and George - an ass. Technically speaking, of course.

  10. An American in Tokyo9/2/15, 5:56 PM

    I think I've gotten too used to your helmet cam! I was kind of disappointed today wasn't a video! ha ha!

    I LOVE Lucy's dapples, by the way! =)