Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A dark place away from city lights

The 7MSN is a very good place to watch celestial events.
I headed outside Sunday evening just as the moon
was rising and the lunar eclipse was beginning.

I walked around looking for the perfect angle, the perfect exposure, the perfect shot.

Never found it, but that was ok. It's always fun trying.

To my way of thinking, a picture of a lunar eclipse
is not complete unless it contains at least one animal.

Alan patiently modeled while I fiddled with the camera settings.

George couldn't be bothered.

Alan's patience ran out about the same time mine did.

I put the camera away and moved to my favorite dark place away from city lights
to watch the rest of the eclipse: in the garden, sitting on the bench, with the feral beast in my lap.



  1. It was a perfect night here, too. We enjoyed the moon as a family by the fire. Using our eyes only to capture a memory: spending a night outside, laughing and marveling at the sky. It may not be as dark as your area, but it got us to sit down and that was good! We got a decent shot using our telescope. Middle Man kept at it until he got the right shot.

  2. Alan did a wonderful job modeling what a donkey looks like in a lunar eclipse. It looks like you had a good view.

  3. Wonderful series of photos, and I admire your restraint by putting away the camera and just enjoying the eclipse unfold.

  4. Beautiful photography!
    I would have loved to peek at the eclipse, but alas not this time.
    I'm in the Southeast and we have been having the monsoon weather that you were experiencing one month(?) ago.
    Haven't really seen blue sky since last Thursday, so a dry sky is a welcome sight!
    (its still raining frogs this morning !)

    M in NC

  5. Woah! That first picture grabbed my attention and threw me down the rabbit hole. But I agree - Alan added the perfect touch.

  6. Alan is such a generous model, sharing his shots with the eclipse. No sighting here, completely clouded over. Today promises to be mostly rainy, and we need it.

  7. The first picture was amazing. The second picture, I was distracted by cuteness and never saw the moon.

  8. The last shot is my favorite. Lovely.

  9. Wow, love those shots...moon, Alan and George. I bet it was so cool from the garden bench.
    It was very cloudy here, but enjoyed the huge moon.

  10. Beautiful pictures - so different. Of course they are good - you have the best models.

  11. what a great night! thanks for showing us the moon, at least I saw it.

  12. An American in Tokyo9/29/15, 6:25 PM

    Beautiful, beautiful shots!
    I love the one with the moon and the house and the reflection of the sunset(?) on the windows!

  13. Well, if these aren't perfect, CLOSE ENOUGH!