Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stooping to their level

 When I took my newest photography accessory into the pasture last weekend,
I was angling for a fresh perspective, some different expressions 
that would break up the monotony of fly masks and grazing muzzles.

I got the different expressions – too bad they were hidden by those cussed masks.
I'm hating them as much as Lucy, George and Alan are, 
and they'll be wearing them for at least two more months.
The green grass is a proving to be a blessing and a curse.

 Stooping to Johnny's level yielded all sorts of great shots for yesterday's post.
All I got when stooping to Alan's was a muddy belly – his, not mine.
At least the trash bag kept me clean and dry.

I've taken so many thousands of pictures of my animals,
I'm not sure how or where I'm going to find the fresh perspectives I'm looking for,

 but I'll keep shifting my focus until I do.

Johnny agrees that I have to take a different path.


  1. Love your pictures.


  2. Love JCC's picture the most, but love them ALL!

  3. Oh, don't you worry. You can put up any pictures of the guys and Lucy and Smooch - we'll never get tired of angles or perspectives. And great pic of Johnny and the ranch paths there - I'm gonna keep it as a reminder.

  4. Alan's muddy tum is tidy in a way -- he got dirty in a nice little oval spot, not cruddy all over as my dog does. Too bad there isn't an easier form of grazing muzzle -- maybe we should all brainstorm & invent one!

  5. The muddy bellies are a different perspective to me, had never seen any. I would love to see of they grab herb thru their muzzle. and also if they pack mud inside their hooves. is there a rabbit on the right in JCC picture?

    1. There sure is...I never saw him until you pointed him out. Apparently JCC didn't either!

  6. I had to go back and check for the rabbit. LOL and JCC never noticed? How funny.
    Interest shots