Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Stalking the feral beast

 Deep in the New Mexico savanna, I stalk this feral beast.

 He quickly recognizes that all I'm after is his picture...

 ...and is more than happy to pose.

 JCC: Take one that makes me look particulary tall and majestic.

 We take a break to watch the clouds drift by.

 When it's damp and muddy in the savanna,

a trash bag is a photographer's best friend.


  1. A delightful medley of photos. That top photo is startlingly similar to it's cousin in the wild!

  2. so very very handsome, none can compare. tell Smooch she is beautiful and also none can compare

  3. JCC can not take a bad photo. He's beautiful from any direction.

  4. I thought you were getting ready for Halloween already. Your trash bag looks like a black ghost. I think JCC should stand for Johnny Cool Cat.

  5. He displays no diva qualities at all. Love JCC.

  6. Beautiful photos...the second one looks like JCC senior pic

  7. Oh my, seems that most cats love the lense's attention. My cats do the
    same thing. Only difference is that their owner isn't as creative in the
    story line. LOL
    I love you stuff on your blog.
    Love from NC

  8. He is a prince and he knows it!

  9. we love you slim feral beast! and yes tall and majestic, that is what you are

  10. I have a major crush on that cat.

  11. An American in Tokyo8/4/15, 5:53 PM

    Lovely photos of JCC!