Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday encore ~ George and Alan put on a show for the neighbors

 Cow #1: What do you suppose they're doing?

Cow #2: Beats me.

 George: We're putting on a show for you. This is the part where you're supposed to applaud.

 Cow #2: You seem to be forgetting that I am a cow and have no appreciation for live theater.

Alan: Are they giving us a standing ovation?

 Alan: How about now?

Me: Don't worry about what the cows think. All the folks at home love you.


  1. my first thought about the first photo was Docee doe... don't know how to spell that. what ever they were doing they were having lots of FUN

  2. Love them, and how! Nobody is cuter.

  3. Anne Boleyn8/8/15, 7:31 AM

    Yes we do love them!

  4. George and Allen are the bestest of friends. I think they should be called Gallen, with a soft G. ha

  5. I just love those boys! :)

  6. The last photo is perfect, two weirdos, mountains and a lovely sky.

  7. Yes indeedie - we love those two! Aunt Jean

  8. Boy howdee! Do we love them!

  9. yes we love the boys being boys and we love beautiful cows' eyes too

  10. Growing up on a farm, cows just don't have much personality! All they worry about is grazing, having enough food, then lying down and chewing their cud. I used to LOVE their company too though, I would go upon the hill where we lived to see them(GREAT PEACEFUL company, they don't talk back! or have an opinion on anything) and I would even get on the biggest rock I could find for my stage to sing for them! hehe Those were the days my friend! Yes, I LOVE those SWEET boys! XOOXXOX

    1. Nice memories! you are not alone: